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Coney is always a nice hike with some of the best views for your effort. The trail is hard-packed and microspikes were all we needed. This is part of the popular Tupper Lake Triad, along with nearby Goodman Mt and Mt Arab.

Walking along the Kip Trail on St. Lawrence property, passing one of the little ponds, spotted a northern leopard frog in the leaves.

There's four porcupine dens in this area...a small depression in the side of the hill. I used to walk around this area in the 1970's. Seemed like a good thing to take my father up as we practice hiking locally during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sixty degrees and wet on a March afternoon. The spring peepers we in full chorus in the woods behind the SLU golf course

First crocuses open in my yard today!  A welcome sight. Snowdrops, too but I think they have been blossoming for a few days now. 

We did a quick hike around the John Brown Farm with the setting sun. The Macintyre range and Whiteface were aglow with the last sunlight of the day. This is a great place to snowshoe or hike, but winter is my favorite.

Cobble Hill is in downtown Lake Placid. It's a nice easy hike with some nice views of the Macintyre range and the Olympic ski-jumps. The shorter direct route was a bit icier than we were comfortable with, so we backtracked and took the longer Echo Pond route.

This report details a new climb up a route that I've been chasing for 5 years; thin ice, overhanging smears, a brittle curtain...all parts of our 18.5 hour first ascent up Passion and Warfare in Mt. Marcy's Great Chimney.

This trek was along the Rail Road grade from Horseshoe south, to "the big rock". The views of the former Low's holding a great along here, especially the overlook above Hitchen's Pond. I parked at the end of the plowed road (RT 421) and snowshoed in from there. I did a short bushwhack just north of the Horseshoe Lake outlet and then followed the tracks south. Round-trip was 6 miles total.

My first up-close owl!