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Got out on the Kip Trail this today to check conditions for the Earth Day 7K run and walk tomorrow. The afternoon was gorgeous - 62 F and probably the first day it's really felt like spring weather. The first half of the trail closer to the Little River has a few spots that like to attract mud, but the conditions were drier than I expected. No large pools of standing water in the trail, and only a few muddy spots. Still, I'd advice anyone coming out for the race tomorrow to plan for some mud! 

Finally, it feels like spring.  Had to empty the trash, and decided to go shoe-less, in spite of it being only 40 degrees out.  Sat on the porch in the dark and listened to the coyotes howling.  Welcome back, Spring!

Strange strange "spring" we're having but beautiful nonetheless.  Woke this morning to more fresh snow to sit on top of the ice storm results from the past weekend.  While I'm really ready for flowers, the snow is lovely.

Great place to explore. A few tough rocks to scramble up, but a fairly easy hike for all skills levels. 10/10 would visit again

My class was able to drive less than half an hour to an amazing trail with incredible views. Even at the trail head, we could see a massive waterfall. Although we didn't hike very far into the trail due to a time constraint, what we were able to see was beautiful even on an overcast day, especially when we walked out on the rocks next to the rushing river. Of course, images can't always capture the full beauty, so I strongly encourage people to visit the place for themselves!

An incredible day on the shores of lake Ontario. It was a bright and beautiful day, around 35 degrees, but the 25 MPH winds off of the lake were frigid.There are quite a few trails there, we hiked the Snakefoot and Dancing Gypsy trails.This was originally an Army training base, "Stony Point Rifle Range", and you can still find remnants of pillboxs, spotter station boxes and the firing wall. Later it was sold to the Wehle family (of the Genesee beer company fame). The place was used as a summer home, and they raised champion German pointers here.

As we marched along the Raquette River during our Geology Field Trip exploring one of the many hydro-electric systems along this 'powerful' river, I was distracted by the vibrant view of the turbulent waters of the River, Raquette and the bare forests rooted about it awaiting a signal of rebirth from mother nature as the winter snow slowly dissipates.   

This is always a great hike, and the warm temps & high water from the spring thaw made it pretty spectacular today. The trails are a little icy, so you will want to wear some traction for at least the next week or so. For more on this trail- visit: https://hikingthetrailtoyesterday.wordpress.com/2017/11/05/3275/

Though we have visited John Browns far several time is the past, this time we took the snowshoes and hit the trails. The views were amazing at certain places, with views of the great range that were to die for. An important piece of history, nice trails and the perfect weather made for the best outing this winter for us. We did the ski-jump trail that takes you right under the Olympic ski jumps, and then to the farm & graves site. From there we took the potato field loop. We cover about 3 miles. It's well worth it if you are in the area (or looking for a field trip).