What's Your Nature?

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Azure was covered in a layer of light fluffy snow, and just as we got to the top the sun broke through the clouds. For a relatively small mountain, Azure is always such a worthwhile hike and has some really amazing views.

The trails at the nature center were covered with needle ice this morning. It crunched underfoot over whole miles of trail and you could see it everywhere. Have never seen so much! There was also hoar frost on leaves close to the ground and hanging from trees. Made for a very cool walk!

Gothics always inspires. It challenges hikers and climbers of nearly any level and draws me back at least a couple times per year. The north face shown in this video once intimidated me when I saw it from the Orebed Trail, now it's an annual retreat. I feel only relaxation and freedom once I start moving upward.

Lots of snow at Higley Flow! Always nice to feel so far from campus with just a short drive, and the trails were in great shape. Caught a glimpse of the sunset too. 

One of my favorite features of the North Country is our beautiful skies. This morning the trees are outlined with snow and the colors of the sky were gorgeous. I love the nature in my backyard!

Had a lovely evening paddle on the Grasse and Little Rivers. With all the rain recently, the Grasse was running so high it was difficult to paddle upriver. We saw a muskrat along the banks of the Little River.

A beautiful dragonfly decided to join us in apple picking at Fobare's Fruits!

Today was gorgeous. I love the days when we spontaneously decide to get outside and enjoy our nearby trails. There were so many things to see, both views of the landscape and colorful trees, as well as tiny green mosses and fungi showing off. I'm so happy we have a resource like the Nicandri Nature Center only 20 minutes away from our house. The kids love both the trails and the indoor educational center. We are lucky.

Even puddles in autumn look pretty! The reflection of clear blue sky and autumnal foliage in a puddle can be heavenly!

Whiteface got the first big snow of the season on October 18! We skinned up the auto road, and found around 7 inches of snow on the summit, full-blown winter up there.