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A red-backed salamander being held in a hand. The salamander is small, about as long as my palm.

Here's another photo of a Red-Backed Salamander that I found during my ecology class lab!

A close up photo of a red-backed salamander in the dirt

For our last ecology lab of the semester, my class went to Higley Flow State Park to look for sal

Car/Boat backing into the little river.

A local repair shop was testing out their restored 1950’s/60’s German car/boat combo in the littl

Gray Fox

I have been seeing gray foxes from time to time, but always in poor lighting situations and never

Nesting Wood Duck pair

I watched this wood duck pair circling overhead. They finally landed and in perfect sunshine.

St. Lawrence students wade in the Grasse River to collect water data.

Warm spring weather made for comfortable testing in waders under the SUNY Canton bridge. 

Eagle with prey

Coyote Lovely

Each morning I walk down to the lake's edge with my camera, hoping to catch a glimpse and even be

Coyote on ice

My regular morning routine involves walking our property with my camera.

Eagles on ice

I see about one bald eagle a day here on our property on Black Lake.


Picnic bench on the water

Dark Eyed Junco

It was a snowy Sunday but the Juncos did not mind. This one posed for me. 

Junco in the snow

The wind was blowing and the snow was falling but it did not deter this dark eyed junco. 

Foxy Friday

I have been watching for foxes and hoping to have them return to our property after not seeing an

Foxy Friday

I have been watching for foxes since seeing their tracks in the snow on my morning walks.

I have been seeing fox tracks around the property when there has been snow and hopping to catch a

Afternoon sun over the wetlands

Took a walk at Indian Creek Nature Center out to the lean-to there that is dedicated to John Gree

Sunset behind trees in a forest

Took a walk in the woods as the sun was beginning to set on the shortest day of the year.

Looking down whiteface mountain from the end of “The Follies” trail.

Skiing Whitaface with the peak in the clouds.