What's Your Nature?

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Coney is always a nice hike with some of the best views for your effort. The trail is hard-packed and microspikes were all we needed. This is part of the popular Tupper Lake Triad, along with nearby Goodman Mt and Mt Arab.

A nice 5.5-mile hike from Clear Pond to Long Pond, and Little Rocky Pond.

Love this color purple! Proof that beauty can be untouchable.

Sugar Maple on a school lawn with a lot of sunlight. The circumference is 26 inches and the bark has a lot of moss growing on its bark. Leaves are still early in changing color; very few leaves on the ground. No fruit.

Mt Arab is always a favorite in winter, but I decided to do a summer hike for the sunrise. As you can see, it didn't disappoint. The low fog really made it great.

It’s that time of year when it sounds like machine guns going off at my sisters camp. She has a metal roof and when these fall it sounds like Gun shots going off.

A short but steep hike to a great little Adirondack Pond. The west branch of the Ausable River runs right in back of the parking area. Wonderful views of Wilmington Notch as well. 1.5-miles round-trip to the lean-to.

Just love the garden with all the insects and wonderful creatures!

Early morning sunrise with beautiful display of colors before we got a storm!