What's Your Nature?

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Looking down whiteface mountain from the end of “The Follies” trail.

Skiing Whitaface with the peak in the clouds.

Mouse tracks in the snow

Though it is warming up into the 40's today, it was fun to see these tracks in the snow.

Pileated Woodpecker working on a dying tree near Black Lake

On my morning walk I encountered this very busy male pileated woodpecker.

A sign about tree zones on Whiteface.

This was our last view of the mountains when hiking up Whiteface

A grey squirrel sits in a miniature wooden recliner and eats corn off of the foot rest.

The squirrels love to use this feeder and often visit it as an alternative to the bird feeders in

Hike on Azzure mountain

Snow Covered Foliage

The first of many chilly and snowy mornings in the North Country has me looking forward to all th

Two goats in a grassy field with fall trees in the distance under a cloudy sky.

Foxy and Snowball, the goats at the SLU Sustainability Farm are enjoying their new pasture!

The wildlife at the Canoe House is alive and scurrying around as the weather gets colder!

I am pretty sure this chipmunk lives in the Canoe House, everyday it scurries around with some fo

Canada Geese flying over the harvest moon

While out on my regular morning walk, I heard Canada geese approaching.

Ruby throated hummingbird posing in apple tree

This little guy was the first to arrive in May.

Tree Swallow pair grape vines

Tree Swallow pair in our little vineyard on Black Lake.

Tree Swallow pair on nest box

This sweet tree swallow pair ended up raising a little family in our veggie garden nest box.

Yellow Warbler in dill

This little yellow warbler was hunting insects in our veggie garden. 

Fencing Hummingbirds

Ruby throated hummingbirds dueling over garden territory. 

Ruby throated hummingbird staring straight into my lens while perched on blauhilde bean vine

This little cutie was perched on the Blau Hilde bean vines in my veggie garden.

Ruby throated hummingbird on dew covered sunflower

Each morning I take a walk to greet the new day.

Hooded Merganser on Black Lake at sunrise

I was watching the sunrise over Black Lake when I spotted some ducks moving closer.

Northern Flickers, males, checking out the snacks in this old stump

While I was on my morning walk here on Black Lake, I noticed a group of flickers seeming to check