What's Your Nature?

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Heron in tree

I spotted this beauty from the window while I was making dinner.

Barred Owl in our backyard on Black Lake

We were working around our yard when I heard the blue jays sounding alarm calls.

Azure Mt Firetower

Azure Mountain in the morning

Mt Azure sunrise hike- view from fire tower

Fall colors

Ducks in a lake

Barn and moon

Chaumont Bay sunset

Sunset Mountain Hike

Racquette River Sunset

Beautiful views on a fall day

Beautiful view on a fall day 

Spiky caterpillar

I think this was a spiny oak-slug moth caterpillar.

Ruby Throated Hummingbird sipping nectar cherry queen zinnia with dill flower in the background.

Hummingbirds are fighting over the flowers in the gardens.

Common Nighthawk circling above

I noticed a bird flying around our property and the hayfield next door, it flew like a bat in cir

Humminbird on tithonia in my veggie garden.

While working in the garden there is always a flury of hummingbird activity this time of year.

Bee approach


Close Encounter

We took family on the St. Lawrence River and saw this large ship. It was amazing!