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Super Modeling

Looking out over the Oswegatchie
By Paul J. Hetzler on December 8, 2023
Blog: Just Our Nature
Weather modeling has become quite a big deal in recent decades, with meteorologists falling all over themselves to report what the latest models say. It sounds like a fun job, and I’m trying to find out how to apply to become a weather modeler. If it involves appearing in a swimsuit, though, forget it. I love it when a radio announcer chirps “clear and sunny” during a storm because they read the…
A wet stroll along the Kip Trail

The Benefits of Place Based Learning in Environmental Education and Outdoor Education

Students outside looking in container of water at aquatic life
By Roisin Creedon-Carey on December 6, 2023
Blog: In the Schools
Nestled in the corner of St. Lawrence county, St. Lawrence University students participating in the Adirondack Semester can be found waking up in their yurts to misty mornings in a forest of snow-dusted eastern hemlocks. Every Fall, a handful of college students live in Childwold, New York to better understand the ecology and land of the North Country. My sophomore year St. Lawrence, I was a…
Teachers discussing water sampling lesson by river

Ask A Fairy: Thimble and Blossom Are Back! 

These fairies built their house in Canton!
By Thimble & Blossom on November 5, 2023
Blog: Ask a Fairy
Besides the fall foliage and fresh apple picking available in the fall season, there’s one other thing we all look forward to - the return of the fairies! Each fall Thimble and Blossom migrate through the North Country on their way south for the winter. During their travels they spend a lot of time chatting with chipmunks, lounging with ladybugs, playing with plants. Through all their woodland…
Check out this fairy home in Stone Valley! This colorful house is located at Hart's Falls

Tree Sign Language: Early Fall Color Spells Trouble

red, orange, and yellow leaves on a brown bridge going through a green wooded trail
By Paul J. Hetzler on August 23, 2023
Blog: Just Our Nature
Each fall deciduous trees, ice-cream stands, and marinas close for the same reason: as daylight dwindles and cold creeps in, they become less profitable. When income dips down to equal the cost of doing business, a wise proprietor will turn off the lights and lock the doors until spring. Some enterprising holdouts stay solvent longer than others who are in the same business. Perhaps they have…

2024 Calendar Submissions Are Open!

Sun setting over a glassy smooth dark blue river with dark green pine trees and someone paddling a kayak
By Kayla Edmunds on August 18, 2023
Blog: Just Our Nature
August 18th through October 7th Calling all North Country nature photographers! Get your camera ready! Nature Up North is once again hosting our annual calendar contest for nature photos that will be featured in our 2024 wall calendar. At Nature Up North we hope to inspire exploration and appreciation of the North Country environment. One way we do this is through the Encounters feature on our…

Teacher Workshop August 9th & 10th - Cancelled

5 people standing in a circle in front of a river all holding pieces of paper and looking at a clear vial of water
By Kayla Edmunds on July 26, 2023
Blog: In the Schools
Are you a St. Lawrence County teacher interested in incorporating more nature-based learning into your lessons? Do you want to increase opportunities for integrating outdoor learning with STEM content? We're excited to bring back our annual summer teacher workshop in two parts!  This first of our two-part workshop is focused on incorporating nature-based STEM learning into classroom curriculum. …
3 people, one man pointing up into the trees, two women looking in that direction

What is causing low porcupine abundance?

A bobcat at night
By Peyton Schmitt on May 13, 2023
Blog: North Country Wild
After spending the semester conducting research, I finally have a story to tell about the current state of porcupines on the St. Lawrence University Kip tract. I used game cameras to take pictures of wildlife and recorded what species I saw. I had over 20 different species captured on camera, but the one species I did not have a single picture of was the porcupine. There is a concern that…
A fisher captured by a game camera A fisher with something in its mouth

How to count porcupines

A curious white tailed deer
By Peyton Schmitt on May 13, 2023
Blog: North Country Wild
In kindergarten, we learn how to count to 10. We continue counting to 10 because it’s easy for us, whether it be counting birds, cars, or fingers. We might therefore assume that counting wildlife would be just as easy, but that isn’t the case. Wildlife are generally well hidden and tend to be active when humans are not. Seeing wildlife today has gotten harder because of the decrease in…
A wood duck swims in a flooded forest Field ecologists falling in the snow

Lampson Falls Letterboxing - Women in Science Series

Lampson falls trailhead sign is brown with yellow lettering that says Grasse River wild forest forest preserve lampson falls parcel NYS department of environmental conservation lampson falls and points towards the trail
By Kayla Edmunds on May 9, 2023
Blog: Just Our Nature
Try your hand at letterboxing! Whether this is your first time or you're a letterboxing aficionado, make your way over to Lampson Falls between now and the end of July to find our five-box series. Read on to learn more about what letterboxing is and the supplies you need, and find the Lampson Falls Letterbox clues below! First of all, what is letterboxing? Letterboxing is a treasure hunt that…

Adventure Tips for You and Your Pup!

Oak leaf and acorn collection
By Ilana Mirel on May 5, 2023
Blog: Just Our Nature
Hiking isn't just for people. Many people are bringing their trusty companions with them on their adventures in the North Country environment and beyond. Hiking with your dogs is one of the most fun activities and a great way to get outdoors and bond with your beloved pets. We all want what is best for our dogs, which includes hiking safety! Knowing some plant identification could save your dog's…
English ivy