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Ask A Fairy: The Fairies Are Back Fall 2022

By Thimble & Blossom on October 4, 2022
Exciting news from the forests! Thimble and Blossom, our favorite migratory fairy naturalists, are back in the North Country! In the fall they like to take a break from flying and glide around on falling leaves, forage for berries and seeds with chipmunks, and enjoy a warm cup of acorn soup! Through all of their woodland travels they’ve become excellent naturalists, and are now here to answer any…
A brown-toned fairy house sits on a mossy log in front of a forest A small brown house with rocks on the roof sits in front of a tree with a poster that says the fairies are here!
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2023 Calendar Submissions Are Open!

By Kayla Edmunds on September 7, 2022
September 8th through October 23rd Calling all North Country nature photographers! Got your camera at the ready? Nature Up North is once again hosting our annual calendar contest for nature photos that will be featured in our 2023 wall calendar. At Nature Up North we hope to inspire exploration and appreciation of the North Country environment. One way we do this is through the Encounters feature…
Foggy sunrise over green hills and valleys with a lake in the middle Back cover of 2022 calendar featuring the 12 months
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Tree Sign Language: Early Fall Color

By Paul J. Hetzler on August 29, 2022
Deciduous trees, ice-cream stands, and marinas close each fall for the same reason: as daylight dwindles and cold creeps in, they become less profitable. When income dips down to equal the cost of doing business, a wise proprietor will turn out the lights and lock the doors until spring. Some enterprising holdouts stay open longer. Perhaps they have less competition, or a better location.…
a rainbow of maple leaves on a gray stone
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North Country Summer: A Photo Essay

By Abigail Lateer on August 3, 2022
As a summer naturalist intern for Nature Up North, one of the things I was most excited about was getting to live in the North Country for the summer. I feel so lucky I got the chance to explore this beautiful place, and I made this photo essay to capture some of my favorite places and views. I hope you love it, and that you see some of the places you love too!  Do you know which nature center…
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North Country Nature Noises

By Leslie Herold on August 2, 2022
Nature Up North has spent the summer getting back outside after a hiatus from summer activities due to COVID. We have really focused on being outside as much as we can and encouraged ourselves and other North Country community members to connect with nature this summer. There is so much to see, but our sight is only a small part of how we can really connect. Using all our senses when we are…
Image taken on the Little River of the evening sunlight against the trees
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Ask A Fairy: Spring 2022 Answers!

By Thimble & Blossom on July 8, 2022
After a lengthy stay on North Country trails and in our backyards, our favorite naturalist fairies decided to continue north for the rest of the summer. But, before they left they made sure to write back to all of your wonderful nature questions! They wanted us to tell you that they loved answering your questions, and they hope you keep exploring and being curious about all the wonderful things…
smiling person in front of a fairy house small child in front of a fairy house on the ground fairy house covered in bark and moss in a tree three small houses hanging from tree branches in front of a larger fairy house on the ground
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On the Importance of Dirt

By Abigail Lateer on June 30, 2022
Have you ever spent time on a farm or around farmers? Do you remember helping your parents weed their garden as a kid–or do you make your kids help you weed yours? Chances are, you’re connected to agriculture in some shape or form, even if it’s just through the food you eat. Some issues with the U.S. industrialized agriculture system seem more or less obvious. Most people intuit that…
Diagram showing the difference in composition of compacted soil versus uncompacted soil
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Shell-ebrating North Country Painted Turtles

By Leslie Herold on June 30, 2022
As soon as the ponds thaw and the temperatures warm, we know the earth is preparing for spring and summer. The flowers begin to bud and the grasses green again. We pack away our winter jackets and dig out the t-shirts and shorts. But it’s not just humans who recognize this transition. Our North Country wildlife recognize these same changes in the environment and come out for the warmer months of…
A baby painted turtle An adult painted turtle
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Fanfare in the North Country

By Liz Hart on June 30, 2022
It’s nesting season, which means the skies and waters are filled with life; chirping birds calling out for a mate, waterfowl patrolling the waters for a place to roost. But for a few centuries, wetland areas have been missing the notable honking of the largest species of waterfowl in the world. Weighing an average of 26 pounds and growing up to 6 feet in length, the massive Trumpeter Swan is…
Trumpeter Swan spreading its wings Swan a-swimming Swan over water Family of Trumpeter Swans
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Ask A Fairy: Spring Into Summer With the Fairies!

By Thimble & Blossom on May 27, 2022
We just heard that Thimble and Blossom, our migratory fairy naturalists, are back in the North Country! In the spring they like to bounce on blooming buds, zip around with dragonflies, and take cold dips in freshly melted puddles! Through all their woodland time they’ve become excellent naturalists, and are now here to answer any questions you may have! Between May 27th and June 24th, use the…
Fairy house under a log White birchbark fairy house in between tree trunks on the ground Brown bark fairy house with moss in between three tree trunks
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