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A Brief History of Azure

A Nature Up North Intern enjoys the view looking out from the peak of Azure Mountain.
By Patrick Chase on
Blog: On the Trail
In the Northern edge of the Adirondack park, where the towering heights of the High Peaks give way to smaller mountains and rolling hills, sits one such feature. 2,518 feet tall and one mile to the top, it presents an easy hike that anyone can do. And indeed, Azure Mountain is many people's first hike given its proximity to universities in Canton and Potsdam. Typically, in the first few weeks…
Azure's fire tower sits covered in snow in front of a cloudy sky.

Four Fun Places to Snowshoe in the NoCo

By Kelsey Mattison on
Blog: On the Trail
Happy Spring Equinox! Today may be the first day of spring, but spring hasn't sprung just yet in the North Country. One way you can take advantage of the snow this year is by getting outside and exploring on snowshoes.  Snowshoeing is fun for all ages and abilities, and is a great winter activity to share with friends or family. Plus, strapping on some snowshoes spreads out your weight on the…

Outside of the Doghouse: Keeping Your Dog Safe and Healthy in Nature

By Jane Eifert on
Blog: On the Trail
Few activities bring more joy than watching dogs running around outside – leaping from rocks to logs, splashing in the water, and sniffing out nearby squirrels at the base of every tree they pass. It is impossible not to join, chasing them and throwing sticks for them to retrieve – their tongues hanging out of their smiling faces and tails wagging faster than the wings of a hummingbird. For…

Exploring the North Country, Even on Crutches

By Jane Eifert on
Blog: On the Trail
Until recently, my idea of outdoor adventure was something intense – climbing an Adirondack High Peak, embarking on a multi-day canoe trip, or flying down a steep ski slope. That was until I tore my ACL, an injury requiring surgery, crutches, and a minimum recovery time of six months.  While I was initially disappointed, I was heartened to find that St. Lawrence County has an abundance of flat…