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What is causing low porcupine abundance?

A bobcat at night
By Peyton Schmitt on
Blog: North Country Wild
After spending the semester conducting research, I finally have a story to tell about the current state of porcupines on the St. Lawrence University Kip tract. I used game cameras to take pictures of wildlife and recorded what species I saw. I had over 20 different species captured on camera, but the one species I did not have a single picture of was the porcupine. There is a concern that…
A fisher captured by a game camera A fisher with something in its mouth

How to count porcupines

A curious white tailed deer
By Peyton Schmitt on
Blog: North Country Wild
In kindergarten, we learn how to count to 10. We continue counting to 10 because it’s easy for us, whether it be counting birds, cars, or fingers. We might therefore assume that counting wildlife would be just as easy, but that isn’t the case. Wildlife are generally well hidden and tend to be active when humans are not. Seeing wildlife today has gotten harder because of the decrease in…
A wood duck swims in a flooded forest Field ecologists falling in the snow

Where are the porcupines on the St. Lawrence University Kip Tract?

Image of coyote at night
By Peyton Schmitt on
Blog: North Country Wild
Growing up I enjoyed outdoor recreational activities from hunting and fishing to hiking and camping. I was introduced to these activities by listening to stories my father and grandfather told me about all the wildlife they experienced. As I walk through the same forests, it feels underwhelming compared to those stories. The question I have now is, what happened? As our global population grows,…
Image of raccoon at night Image of a fisher walking on snow

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Black bear walking through the woods
Blog: North Country Wild
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