Help us keep track of the progression of fall by monitoring maple trees.

Do you love to take photos? Join us for a four week long Love Your Mother photo challenge!

To participate, just submit a picture taken between Wednesday, April 22nd (Earth Day) and Friday, May 22nd 2020 from somewhere in the North Country. The picture can be of anything you choose - maybe it is a sunrise, a waterfall, birds at your feeder... you name it!

Post the picture on Nature Up North as an Encounter (you'll need to create a free account on We will randomly select the posters of two Encounters to receive a prize and a third encounter will be featured as the home page on our website for a month! 

Fairy house Ask a Fairy

Our fairy friends Thimble Hickory and Blossom Dewdrop are back to answer your questions about North Country nature and the lives of fairies. While they're settled into the warmth of the tropics for winter, they're already excited to return to the North Country next spring! 


#1: Cal Lock Morgan, 7, How many clovers are there in the world?

Hi Cal!

Image of a white birch fairy house nestled against a rock with a poster attached to tree Ask a Fairy

Besides the fall foliage and fresh apple picking available in the fall season, there’s one other thing we all look forward to - the return of the fairies! Each fall Thimble and Blossom migrate through the North Country on their way south for the winter. During their travels they spend a lot of time chatting with chipmunks, lounging with ladybugs, playing with plants.

Poster with the title of blog, The Secret World of Fireflies, and the Nature Up North logo over a picture of fireflies glowing in a dark forest Just Our Nature

If you look outside on a warm North Country summer night, you’re likely to see tiny blinking lights floating through the sky, disappearing and then reappearing a few feet away. These fireflies (Lampyridae) are not made of fire nor are they flies!

Virtual Nature Coloring Book Cover Just Our Nature

Nature Up North presents a virtual nature coloring book! This coloring book features different animals and plants that you can find in the North Country. It includes fun facts about each species, tree identification, and more. Post and tag us in your finished coloring book pages on social media and use the hashtag #colorwithnun. Stay tuned for more coloring pages coming soon!

Herb Gardening for Beginners Just Our Nature

Are you interested in building a small garden at home, but don’t know how to start? Or are you simply looking for a new hobby during quarantine? Keep reading to learn how to get started and the benefits of having a herb garden at your disposal. These herbs are ideal for beginners because they’re easy to grow and take care of! 

Find a home for your herbs

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