Frosty mornings and snow flurries abound! Share your nature Encounters with us as the temperatures fall and we enjoy the first signs of winter.

Photo: Sunrise on Mt. Arab, Maya Williams

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Coloring Page: Haudenosaunee Flag Just Our Nature

It’s Thanksgiving week! Tis’ the season of fall leaves crunching as we step on them, the smell of warm apple cider on the stovetop and fresh baked pumpkin and apple pies using grandma's secret recipes. An array of food on the dining table every fourth Thursday in November is also a time to be thankful for everyone in your life, surrounded by family and friends.

A crow flying over green water Just Our Nature

We’ve all heard their croaking song, seen their black bodies circling, and heard the folklore and myths. It’s no wonder why people assume crows are bad news--a group of them is even called a murder. Sounds scary, right? These birds are often labelled as pests and nuisances, and it’s a commonly held belief that they’re detrimental to gardens and linked to disease.

Looking up the trunk of a red maple tree with beautiful leaves Just Our Nature

         If you have been enjoying all the North Country outdoors have to offer the last few weeks, you have probably noticed trees bursting out in their beautiful red, yellow, and orange fall colors. The change in the color of leaves is caused by the breakdown of chlorophyll, the pigment responsible for photosynthesis, as the tree gets ready for winter. As the green chlorophyll leaves the leaf it allows the other colors in the leaf to shine!

A fairy house with a birchbark roof and a green door sitting at the base of a tree Ask a Fairy

Our fairy friends Thimble Hickory and Blossom Dewdrop wrote back and answered your questions about North Country nature and the lives of fairies. While they're settled into the warmth of the tropics for winter, they're already excited to return to the North Country next spring and they wanted us to say thank you for all your great questions! 

Sunset Hike at Coney Mountain (Encounter: Kelsey Mattison) Just Our Nature

Hello fellow adventurers! The North Country and the Adirondack region is full of hiking opportunities and mountainous beauty. You're certain to find beautiful and unique views on shorter hikes such as Mount Arab or Azure, mid-level mountains like Ampersand and Scarface, and all the way up to the most difficult, like Iroquois or Allen.

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December 05, 2021

The last of the fall season and the beginning of winter weather definitely have us excited for the snow!