What's your favorite season to live in the North Country? Join our community and share your adventures all year. Photo: Bear Mountain (Bill Hill).

We are pleased to announce that the 2019 Nature Up North calendar photo contest results are in

Each year, you share hundreds of photos and observations with us here on natureupnorth.org as Encounters. For the sixth year running, we're excited to be sharing some of our favorite photos from the previous year through our printed wall calendar. In addition to stunning local photography, our calendars also feature Nature Notes highlighting seasonal wildlife behavior to look for each month. 


1st Place Overall (2019 calendar cover, November)

Sunrise on Mt. Arab by Maya Williams

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St. Lawrence Citizen Journalism Incubator Just Our Nature

Nature Up North is proud to be working with the Weave News, North Country Public Radio, and The Hill News to sponsor the first annual St. Lawrence Citizen Journalism Incubator (SLCJI).

emerald ash borer Just Our Nature

Watertown is poised to become an Emerald City, but that’s not good news. Jefferson and Lewis will soon be Emerald Counties, and St. Lawrence County began the process of change two years ago. Unfortunately, this kind of transformation does not involve happy endings.

fairy house Ask a Fairy


Thanks for visiting the fairies this fall and leaving your notes inside! You had some really great questions, and Thimble and Blossom had so much fun answering them. They are already down in the tropics where they'll be spending the winter, but are excited to come back next spring!

Keep reading below to find your question among the others, and let us know if you have any questions. Thanks!


Pumpkin fairy house Ask a Fairy

We eagerly await the fall season, because with it comes apples season, vibrant fall colors, and of course - visiting fairies! Our woodland fairy friends will be visiting the North Country on their migration south for the winter from October 12th - 28th. You're invited to find their homes and leave notes with your nature questions inside. Please also leave your first name and age, so the fairies can address you personally when they reply.

Maple trees at St. Lawrence University Just Our Nature

Planting a tree isn’t rocket science, which is good thing. If it were that complex, I’d wager we’d have a lot fewer trees lining our streets. It may not take a scientist to plant a tree correctly, but a lot of money is spent each year to buy and plant trees which may as well be leased, because they will only live a fraction of their expected lifespan.

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