Listen now to some of our favorite summer sounds of the North Country. Birds chirping, campfires crackling, and rivers rushing are just a few of the sound-bytes featured in our newest blog!

Summer is our favorite time of year and we are making sure to fill it with a variety of ways to get outdoors and learn about the North Country environment. Come mothing with us or for an evening paddle, learn how to use technology to identify plants and animals, or come hang out at a campfire!

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Image taken on the Little River of the evening sunlight against the trees Just Our Nature

Nature Up North has spent the summer getting back outside after a hiatus from summer activities due to COVID.

smiling person in front of a fairy house Ask a Fairy

After a lengthy stay on North Country trails and in our backyards, our favorite naturalist fairies decided to continue north for the rest of the summer. But, before they left they made sure to write back to all of your wonderful nature questions! They wanted us to tell you that they loved answering your questions, and they hope you keep exploring and being curious about all the wonderful things around us.

Diagram showing the difference in composition of compacted soil versus uncompacted soil Just Our Nature

Have you ever spent time on a farm or around farmers? Do you remember helping your parents weed their garden as a kid–or do you make your kids help you weed yours? Chances are, you’re connected to agriculture in some shape or form, even if it’s just through the food you eat.

A baby painted turtle Just Our Nature

As soon as the ponds thaw and the temperatures warm, we know the earth is preparing for spring and summer. The flowers begin to bud and the grasses green again. We pack away our winter jackets and dig out the t-shirts and shorts. But it’s not just humans who recognize this transition. Our North Country wildlife recognize these same changes in the environment and come out for the warmer months of the year.

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