Looking for adventure? Mt. Arab, in southern St. Lawrence County, offers spectacular views of the Adirondacks from its summit fire tower. Visit our trails page to learn more about local hiking opportunities.

A mowed lawn, with focus on the cut grass in the foreground. Just Our Nature

The Memorial Day long weekend is often a time to put in the garden, spruce up the yard, and of course, mow the lawn. After the snow from our prolonged winter melted away, many homeowners were disappointed at the condition of their lawn. Areas of dead grass are sometimes, but by no means always, due to heavy feeding by last fall’s grub crop. Grubs, of course, are beetle babies.

Butterflies on purple aster. Just Our Nature

While our springtime in the North Country has been a bit more unpredictable than usual, there’s still the usual spring trend: warmer weather and sunny skies! We’re not the only ones starting to venture out- animals are waking up from hibernation, and we’re starting to see signs of new growth in all our favorite flowers.

Chipmunk pausing on a log Just Our Nature

It’s spring in the North Country! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the animals… are waking up!

Two fairy houses, one made from birch bark nestled among the pieces of a fallen tree, another made from stones and tucked into the nook of a tree with four diverging trunks.  Ask a Fairy

The fairies are here, the fairies are here!

An trap tree under examination by an emerald ash borer survey crew in Wisconsin in 2006. Just Our Nature

When I hear the phrase “trap tree,” an image of Charlie Brown’s kite-eating tree in the Peanuts comic strip comes immediately to mind. But trap trees, or sentinel trees, are meant to nab a much smaller airborne object, the emerald ash borer (EAB).

Events Up North

June 07, 2018

Want to learn to start a fire by hand? As is tradition, we're kicking off our summer campfire series by inviting you to come help us light the first fire of the season!