Join us for the coldest race in the North Country! Meet at SUNY Canton Sledding Hill Saturday, February 5th from 10:00am - 12:00pm for a morning full of sledding. Register the day of or ahead of time by emailing Click the link above for more details!

Most buildings we know of are constructed from wood, steel, concrete, brick, and other hardy materials. But what about the mushrooms? Learn about the strength of fungi and the power of mycelium in a new blog post from Paul Hetzler: Fungal Homes - Much Room, No Mushrooms. It's sure to make you reconsider the potential of mushrooms next time you're slicing them up for a pizza or out for a nature walk!

Check out the rest of Paul Hetzler and other authors blogs at Just Our Nature to learn about arthropods, crows, and more!

A large group orange fungi grow on a tree trunk Just Our Nature

For some reason, mushrooms have spawned more than their fair share of puns. As a kid I learned that they’re all fun-guys, and that the only rooms you can’t enter in a house are mushrooms. The last one might not work these days, as entire buildings are now being made of fungus.  

Black and res American giant millipede on a rock Just Our Nature

Whether one has owned a pet cat, dog, chinchilla or what-have-you, or merely admired the grace and beauty of a horse or deer, most of us develop positive links with at least one four-legged animal. But for everyone except maybe scientists, warm and fuzzy feelings evaporate when you move up to critters with a thousand or more legs.  

A roaring fire in a fireplace Just Our Nature

The tradition of burning a Yule log has largely fizzled out in most parts of the world. While holiday cards often feature cute, picturesque birch rounds in the hearth, old-time Yule logs in 6th and 7th century Europe were monster tree trunks that were meant to burn all day, and in certain cultures for twelve continuous days, without being entirely used up.

2022 Calendar Cover, foggy Mt. Arab sunrise by Bill Hill Just Our Nature

Nature Up North calendars are on sale at local businesses through early 2022! These printed calendars feature our favorite photos shared by community members as Encounters on in the past year. Calendars also include Nature Notes highlighting seasonal wildlife behavior local to the North Country region.

Coloring Page: Haudenosaunee Flag Just Our Nature

It’s Thanksgiving week! Tis’ the season of fall leaves crunching as we step on them, the smell of warm apple cider on the stovetop and fresh baked pumpkin and apple pies using grandma's secret recipes. An array of food on the dining table every fourth Thursday in November is also a time to be thankful for everyone in your life, surrounded by family and friends.

Events Up North

February 05, 2022

Nature Up North is excited to be bringing back the Winterfest Cardboard Sled Races for a fourth year!