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Poser Hummingbird

Posted by Jennifer Sigmon,
North Country explorer from Asbury Park NJ
May 16, 2022

This little guy was the first to arrive in May. He made himself comfortable, I think he was a regular. He would buzz past me while I took my morning walks with my camera. On this morning, he chirped and then landed nearby and began stretching and preening his feathers. He put on quite the show, I got a great series of photos. I gave this guy a name, Harold, because he was quite bold and seemed to recognize me as the human who was filling the feeders and growing his favorite flowers. I get a great number of hummingbirds here each season on Black Lake. 


Liz Anderson

Wow, such a great photo! Hummingbirds are amazing creatures, I always feel very lucky when I see one. Harold suits him, thanks for sharing this magical experience!