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Posted by Bill Hill,
North Country explorer from Edwards NY
July 6, 2020

Despite the recent hot streak we’ve been experiencing, Monday morning was perfect for an early paddle on 650-acre Stark Falls Reservoir in South Colton. This was also a great place for social distancing, I never saw another soul.
The reservoir is part of the Raquette River and a series of hydroelectric dams operated now by Brookfield Energy. These came to be during the 1950s and flooded many small communities out. Stark and Hollywood are two of these that were all but erased. To the south of the boat launch, are Bog and Catamount Mountains. Catamount was home to a state fire tower for many years and was also used as a signal tower for Colvin’s Adirondack survey’s in the late 1800. Today there is a trail to the mountaintop and evidence of both towers can be found.
Paddling the reservoir is much like Carry Falls Reservoir, which is upstream from this impoundment. It doesn’t take much wind to create heavy waves on these waters. Inexperienced paddlers should probably avoid this trek on days with any wind. Other than the wind, this was a pleasant paddle. I put in at the Brookfield boat launch, just off of the Stark Road. I paddled a bit over five-miles and was loaded up by 10:30 (A.M.) and it was only 75 degrees.