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Big Trout & Hitchens ponds

Posted by Bill Hill,
North Country explorer from Edwards NY
November 11, 2019

I spent a snowy Veteran's Day exploring some old camp ruins around the Horseshoe Lake area. These were fairly off the grid, but I found them without "too" much difficulty. I've been to the ruins of the Hitchens camps many times, but I wanted to find these particular ones. The most prominent features of these sites are the fireplaces.

The camps were burned by the DEC when they acquired the property as they were non-conforming structures, a common but unfortunate occurrence when dealing with Adirondack properties.

These were camps belonging to the family of A.A. Low, likely built by Low Jr. Horseshoe and the Hitchens Pond area is one of my favorite places to hike and explore. Every time there I find something new to add to my memories, and another mystery to try and figure out.

Another favorite is walking through what I call "the Baldwin bend". This was photographed by George Baldwin when the railroad tracks ran from Horseshoe to Hitchens, and it's still fairly recognizable more than a century later.