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Clarksboro Trail- Clare NY

Posted by Bill Hill,
North Country explorer from Edwards NY
September 26, 2021

The Clarksboro Trail- Claire NY
I have been trying to get to the Clarksboro Trail since early summer. I had someone ask about the trail, and I’d never heard of it. After a little research, I found that it is a fairly new trail on the 51,950-acre Grasse River Easement Tract. The trailhead is on the north side of the Tooley Pond Road, 2.6-miles from Rt 27 in DeGrasse. The trailhead is marked and starts at gate #1 on an old logging road.
The trail is only 1.1-miles round-trip but is very nice and climbs 250 in elevation. The trail crew that laid out this trail really put in a great amount of labor. The stone stairs alone must have been grueling to put into place.
The trail follows the natural contour of the land and is never overly steep. The views from the top are spectacular. The panorama to the west would make this a great place to take in a sunset. Right now, the foliage is really starting to turn. I expect the forecasted cold weather will speed up the process.
The main attraction of this trail is the sheer 70’ cliff that comes face to face with. It would seem to be a fine place for rock climbers to spend some time. The trail leads to several overlooks and makes a small loop around the summit. I will be sure to revisit this trail again in the winter.
The most popular part of the Tooley Pond Road are the waterfalls. Most are now marked and much easier to find. After my hike I visited, Lower Sinclair, Copper Rock, and Bulkhead Falls. As always, it was a very enjoyable day afield.