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Grasse River Paddle

Posted by Kayla Edmunds,
North Country explorer from Piffard, NY
September 19, 2021

A gorgeous afternoon for a kayak on the Grasse, thanks to SLU’s canoe shack! The first signs of fall are starting to show in the yellowing of leaves. Spotted a few turtles sunning themselves, lots of frogs hanging out on the algae, a few remaining flowers. Followed two belted kingfishers up the river for a while, but they just wouldn’t pose for a good photo. A beautiful day!


Aurora Hager

What a beautiful day on the river -- and look at those turtles! A must-do activity before the weather gets too cold.


Langley C Sieve

How cool- following some Belted Kingfishers sounds like a great way to spend the day!