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Streeter Lake in Aldrich (Fine NY)

Posted by Bill Hill,
North Country explorer from Edwards NY
June 7, 2020

A nice day of social distancing was had at Streeter Lake in Aldrich (Fine NY) was had over the weekend. This is always a favorite of mine, and being nearby makes it a nice last-minute hike.

I have wondered about a road/trail that used to run from near the mausoleum to the old railroad bed on the west side of the lake. This road or trail shows up on several topographic maps from a century ago. I was able to find remnants of the road for a bit, but it soon turned into a full-on bushwhack. It's a pretty rough piece of real estate, so be prepared if you try it.

The bugs were not "too" bad, except for the bog bushwhack. I have not had a chance to paddle Streeter Lake yet this year, hopefully, that will happen soon.

For more on Streeter Lake and it's rich history- https://hikingthetrailtoyesterday.wordpress.com/…/streeter…/