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Ranger Scott and I tagged Gothics’ North Face yesterday. I’ve never gotten on it during November so this was quite a treat. We took a chance and had a great day as a front moved in. I feared it would be covered with some un-bonded snow, but we found a mixed back of snow climbing, ice climbing, and scratching up bare rock. The approach involved breaking through a couple feet of virgin snow from the Orebed Trail to its base. Clouds enveloped us and strong winds pounded drove the spindrift as we climbed the top 400’ to the ridge where we found 4-5’ of snow.

One of the largest irruptions of Pine Grosbeaks in many years is happening this season due to a poor cone yield in Canada. Keep an eye on ornamental fruit trees for these birds, as hungry flocks of grosbeaks will gorge themselves upon the fruits (and will probably be unconcerned by your presence).

A nice but chilly snowshoe trek to the Cathedral Rock fire tower. There was well over a foot of snow so it was tough breaking trail.The storm broke for a little bit and showed some great blue skies and great views of Cat Mountain over 4 miles away.

A gloomy day, but still a nice day to trek back to Huckleberry Lake. It's between seasons , some snow and the lake has some ice. Not quite winter or fall either. We saw a bald eagle flying in the area, always a treat.

Though further south in the Adirondacks there has been some "snow that sticks", these are first real flurries this morning, and the snow really shows up on the thin layer of ice forming on this beaver pond.

A veterans day hike into Hitchen's park with 2-3 inches of fresh snow showed plenty of tracks along the way. Otter,mink, mice, squirrels, deer and quite a few different birds had left their prints in the trail. It's always interesting to come across these.

We enjoyed clear skies, sun, and the company of an enthusiastic crowd of first timers at our Fall Open House on the SLU Orienteering Course today. Temps were right around freezing, but the sun and activity kept the chill out while the group navigated to the first 10 (of 28) control points on the course. This time of year is great for trying the sport out for the first time, with trees bare and visibility high in the woods. 

A nice day trip into the Hitchen's park area, above Horseshoe Lake in Piercefield . We had 3-4" of fresh snow and temps in the mid 20's.Ice was forming in the smaller bodies of water but Hitchen's pond was and the Bog River were still open. This is a great 7.5 miles of the Adirondack's best views. The views from the overlook are some of the finest in this part of the park.

Ken Hebb and I took the tools for a walk in search of ice. The slide was covered in snow with ice building. Temps were in the 20's with winds between 10 and 50 mph. They were stronger on the W side. This was a good training hike to dial in the gear and our bodies. Good times!

A nice pre-snow hike through some large white pines & hemlocks. Great views of Cold Spring Brook and plenty of beaver activity too.The trail is only a little over a mile and well marked. This would be a nice snowshoe trek as well.