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Signs of Spring

Posted by Ben Dixon,
North Country explorer from
May 6, 2019

Recent days have seen the return of many species of migrant birds that either breed here in the North Country or move through on migration to farther reaches north. The Phoebe and Swamp Sparrow seen here are among the breeders. And what says spring more than a porcupine completely covered with fresh pollen?!


Emlyn Crocker

One of the sweetest porcupine shots I've seen! Lovely photos Ben, as always.


Erika Barthelmess

These are lovely!  And look at that cute porcupine tongue!  We have a pair of phoebes that make a nest under the eaves of our cabin every year - I've just welcomed them back.  


Ben Dixon

Thanks, Emlyn and Erika. I got such a hoot out of all the pollen all over that porcupine. That fella was really getting into its meal! :)