What's Your Nature?

Become a Nature Up North explorer to share your encounters with wild things and wild places in New York's North Country. Post your wildlife sightings, landscape shots, photos from your outings, and even your organization's events!


My son caught and released this largemouth bass while fishing on the St. Lawrence River.

Traffic had to stop for about 30 Geese to cross the highway heading back to the St. Lawrence River.

My family and I are fully enjoying this beautiful summer and the great outdoors. We have been camping at Lisbon Beach on and off throughout late June into mid August. I am trying to identify plants with my young children and nephews and hopefully foster and inspire a love of nature in them all.

I teamed up with Chamber of Commerce intern, Cara, this Wednesday to acquire GPS data for a larger trail mapping project. As we we were leaving the Abbe Picquet trail in Ogdensburg, we were greeted by a low-flying osprey returning to its nest in the center of the park just before rainfall!

This Snowy Owl was hanging out in Heuvelton in February!

The Boys and Girls clubs from Massena and Ogdensburg helped test our pilot app for an Ash tree mapping project aiming to map ash trees that may pose significant risk to human infrastructure if the Emerald Ash Borer beetle where to infect trees in the North Country. 

The Nature Up North team was joined by a group of youngsters at Eel Weir State Park for a fishing workshop on a beautiful summer day. The little anglers hooked some rock bass, yellow perch, and sunfish using worms as live bate on open-faced reels. 

90 degrees and very windy! I hope it just needed a break...

This beautiful bird was seen only twice. Once by Bill and once by Janet from our screen room. It was perched in a bushy tree by our hedgerow. We could not believe our eyes. The blue was so brilliant. It stayed for a short time. Song was a dry sharp spik.

Spotted a Mother and her triplets while out driving around.

My wife and daughters had their second encounter with this fawn as they were puttering around the yard.

Lovely spring morning just before the rain.

just one sample of my northern ny drawings...I do lots of nature, light houses, and Ogdensburg bridges,,,,,,,

On Saturday and Sunday, competitors were drawn all the way from Vermont, New Hampshire, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, in order to participate in the fourth annual Primitive Snowshoe Biathlon event held in Lisbon, NY. It was a beautiful morning, perfect for snowshoeing, shooting, and even some tomahawk throwing. Sponsored by The Fort La Présentation Association and Forsyth’s Rifles, this event was helping to fund the construction of a waterfront recreation trail on Lighthouse Point in Ogdensburg, NY.

We love to watch the changing colors on the Morristown Bay from our back deck. The water was so still and the reflection just beautiful.

Driving, midmorning, into the village of Morristown, NY via Chapman street, saw deer browsing just the other side of guard rail. She stood there for many minutes checking us out, giving ample opportunity to snap photos.

This is the first of two images taken at Bittersweet Farms. This picture is of a mother and her children. This pig gave birth about a two weeks before this photo was taken. Fortunately for the pigs in this liter, they were born closer to the end of the winter season. Another pig on the farm gave birth just a few weeks earlier in significantly colder weather and of nine piglets only one survived. Yet, of the newborns shown here not a single one of them died of cold or other complications. Natural History: Bittersweet Farms is an organic farm owned and operated by Anne and Brian Bennet.

About zero degrees out, with a stiff wind. Cold. Snow blown across the roads in this more open area in the St. Lawrence Valley. Amish buggies out taking fresh milk to the plants. Cold. Meanwhile, Mass and Maine are getting hammered in a blizzard. No fresh snow here for days.

This picture was taken on the edge of the corn field next to my home near Ogdensburg, NY where all kinds of wildlife pass by. This particular evening I was able to capture a mama Doe with her twins.

This picture was taken at the break of day near my home in Ogdensburg, NY. I was disappointed he wasn't looking at the camera but glad I caught him regardless. He looks very healthy.

I captured this photo of a Fisher in the acreage behind my home in Ogdensburg, NY.

Pretty cool, you always hear them, but you rarely see them!

This is one of my favorite photos of the river, as the sun breaks through the clouds.

This Heron sat on our old dock near Ogdensburg, long enough for me to take several pictures.

We were driving to Ogdensburg with the window down and you could hear the frogs so clearly just peeping away!

I don't know, ask the deer :-P

We found this fawn "hiding" under a wire cage in our garden one morning. Later its mom came and rescued it with much snorting and stamping.

This picture was taken while I was doing a project for a class which required me to walk door to door and hand out voting information; I really liked the sunset and I remember taking a few minutes to enjoy it. The St. Lawrence River is a large river which connects the Great Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean. it serves as a natural boundary between Ontario, Canada and New York, United States. The first European explorer known to travel down the St. Lawrence was Jacques Cartier in 1535 on his voyage to explore Canada.