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Fall Maple Monitoring Data


This is the complete data set from the fall maple monitoring citizen science project, updated August 1, 2017, in a .xlsx spreadsheet.  The data set includes measurements on sugar and other maple species including circumference and indicators of health, local habitat, disease, etc.  It also includes information on dates of leaf color change and leaf off.  Feel free to use this data set with students for graphing or math exercises, to test hypotheses, or for mapping exercises.  Let us know how you use the data, or if you'd like the data in a different format. If you wish to present or publish any results from these data, you must agree to acknowledge the Nature Up North Project at St. Lawrence University and North Country Citizen Scientists who collected the data.

Several excel files are available; the raw data, a cleaned file, and a cleaned file in which categorical data fields are coded numerically.  

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Monitor My Maple
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