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Turtle Tenacity (animal)

Posted by Terrence Dixon,
North Country explorer from Newark, New Jersey
February 18, 2013

Habitat: Indoor; Bred in capitivity

Natural History: As these animals are bred indoors, there is not much as to the natural history of their environment, but there is one of the area itself. The Town of Tupper Lake comprises 76,168 acres of rolling upland, originally covered with a magnificent forest of mixed softwood, sprinkled liberally with palatial lakes, winding rivers and sparkling brooks. Has been very influential in the logging industry, especially after the American Revolution.

My Interest: I was able to very much enjoy this mixture as I was looking, specifically, for a grouping of animals. The other animals were either moving, and never together, or were simply not in clusters. However, the presentation of the turtles provided a family atmosphere amongst the animals, almost giving them this feeling of safety.