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Upclose 1: Fungus

Posted by Olivia Rettstatt,
North Country explorer from Glastonbury, Connecticut
February 3, 2014

This fungus, possibly a False Tinder Conk, was found in Stone Valley park on an overturned tree by the river. It is known to cause a white trunk rot above and below its conk, or the visible "mushroom". The spores are airborne, so they travel until they find a proper host tree stump or scar (generally Aspen). I thought the shape of this fungus was unique, it wasn't a disk shape like others I had seen in my hometown. The size of this fungus was also impressive, as most fungi I've seen of this size were in the spring or summer time. I've always thought mushrooms were fascinating, so seeing a new variety was fun.


Erika Barthelmess

Hi Olivia - I bet you saw a cool fungus, but the picture didn't upload? Would you mind posting it again?

Posted: 02/09/2014 - 08:56