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Stumpy's Left Foot!

Posted by Gerard Butler,
North Country explorer from New York, NY
June 1, 2017

This is another pic of Stumpy. He must have had his talons folded under, and it looked like he was missing his foot. Emlyn pointed out that he probably had it folded under rather than missing, and she was right. when he took off he kept the foot balled up and it looked like it was missing, but when I reviewed the photos of him sitting on a nearby branch his left talons are clearly shown. Also note the blue band on his right leg that has "V64" on it. The metal band on the left leg is unreadable in the photos.

Stumpy the Eagle's Left Foot


Emlyn Crocker

Beautiful shot Gerard, thanks for sharing. Love that you've kept the name "Stumpy", despite affirming he has both his feet! We'll pass the band # on to the local DEC to see if they'd like to record your sighting.