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Hike with kids at Stone Valley trail

Posted by Claire Burkum,
North Country explorer from Spartanburg, SC
June 25, 2018

Today was such a good day. My kids WANTED to go hiking, and my son's 5th-grade class had recently taken a field trip to the Stone Valley trail. So, we packed a lunch and drove to check it out. The weather was perfect for hiking, not humid at all and a beautiful breeze to keep the bugs (mostly) away. My daughter had fun keeping track of the different maples (striped, sugar & red), and my son was happy with the occasional hill or steep section to challenge him. I got to see a lot of neat things, including some fungi and cool plants. Overall I am just thrilled that my kids are interested in hiking (at least for a little while) and that we live so close to such beautiful trails. We'll be back out again soon, I hope!


Alyssa LaCoy

Beautiful pictures, Claire! Sounds like an awesome day, thanks for sharing!


Claire Burkum

Thanks Alyssa!