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Moon, Wolf & Huckleberry lakes

Posted by Bill Hill,
North Country explorer from Edwards NY
November 6, 2016

It was a a great day for a hike, mid 40's, no wind (but a little overcast). We left from the Ames road parking area,on the blue trail. It's an interesting hike to watch the transgression from abandoned farm land (this was originally the Clark farmstead) to mature forests. There is a particularly interesting section between Moon and Huckleberry, where a stand of large white pine had died from damage (most likely from a recent ice storm) and naturally reclaimed the area with young pines in the 10' range. These have grown in thick, like the proverbial "hair on a dog". Besides the trees & reforestation, the place is a great place to study up on beaver habitat. They are by far the predominate animal in the area. We did also see a family of 3 otter in the last beaver flow between Huckleberry and the yellow trail sign in box. Round trip was +/- 6 miles, and about five hours.We where in no hurry and spent a lot of time taking photos. It's not a real hard hike, but it is pretty rough & uneven terrain -so wear sturdy shoes and be prepared for a workout on your ankles. I suggest doing the entire loop if you are up to the miles. Check yourself for ticks when you get home, we each had one on us. Note, there is a section about a mile & a quarter in on the blue trail that you'll lose the trail markers- it's flooded by beaver and you can see the markers out in the pond. You'll have to skirt the water and climb up the ridge ahead of you to pick them back up. Also the yellow trail from Huckleberry to Talcville takes a left away from the shore that is easy to miss, especially if you are gazing at the lake on your right (and who wouldn't be). Below is a link to the DECs Wolf lake state forest page. Enjoy! http://www.dec.ny.gov/lands/7995.html


Erika Barthelmess

This is one of my favorite hikes in the North Country! Thanks for sharing.