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Season Three Trailer

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Kayla Edmunds

    Welcome back intrepid Naturally Speaking listeners for a new season of North Country podcasting! In August we released a special North Country Voices episode with Len Mackey, but we’re excited to begin Season 3 in earnest - starting with an episode on the Onkwehon:we Midwives Collective. Following the first episode, you can expect an episode a month on a plethora of different topics! Plus, a new "bite-sized" form of podcasts will be coming soon - listen to the trailer for more info on both!

    Episode transcript

    Kayla (00:00):

    Welcome back, intrepid Naturally Speaking listeners, for a new season of North Country podcasting.

    Kayla (00:27):

    In August, we gave you a special North Country Voices episode with Len Mackey, but we're excited to begin Season Three in earnest, kicking off with an episode that I've been incredibly excited to share. Late in the spring, two of our student interns sat down with Anastasia George, who is the Interim Executive Director of the Onkwehon:we Midwives Collective. The OMC is a midwifery team providing services to Indigenous people in the Akwesasne area, and working to bring birth back to the community and reignite cultural traditions. Anastasia, Langley, and Abby cover a plethora of topics ranging from what exactly the OMC, does to the struggle against pollution that the Akwesasne and many other Indigenous people face. That all being said, this is an episode that you definitely don't want to miss, so give it a listen to learn more about the Akwesasne community and the amazing work that the OMC is doing.

    Kayla (01:23):

    After this episode on Onkwehon:we Midwives Collective, you can look forward to a range of podcast topics coming in the next few months. Have you ever been curious about supernatural stories from right here in the North Country? Or maybe you'd like to hear local folktales focusing on our cultural history? We'll have a podcast featuring community members sharing their favorite outdoor activities and stories, and you'll even get the opportunity to "sit" at least through the podcast around the campfire with the nature of North interns and share in their love for NUN and the North country. These topics and more are coming down the line. For Season Three we'll be releasing one full episode a month, but be sure to keep your eyes, or should I say, ears out for North Country Nature Nuggets. These bite-size podcast episodes will cover a range of topics, anything from the hidden impacts of leaf ranking (besides blistered hands and just being a tiresome chore, of course,) tales from the trails, conversations with local scientists, and more.

    Kayla (02:27):

    We're really excited to be bringing you a more consistent timeline of content and we would love to hear your feedback! If you have an idea for a topic you'd like to learn more about, if you wanna share your "One time I...story or if you think you can offer a unique perspective on the North Country environment, reach out. You can DM us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter at @natureupnorth. Email us at info@natureupnorth.org, or reach out via the contact form on our website, natureupnorth.org. Thanks for listening. We're really looking forward to this season. And remember, get up and get outdoors with Nature Up North.