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Ask a fairy: The fairies are back!

Ask a fairy: The fairies are back!

By Thimble & Blossom
September 28, 2020

Besides the fall foliage and fresh apple picking available in the fall season, there’s one other thing we all look forward to - the return of the fairies! Each fall Thimble and Blossom migrate through the North Country on their way south for the winter. During their travels they spend a lot of time chatting with chipmunks, lounging with ladybugs, playing with plants. Through all their woodland time they’ve become excellent naturalists, and are now here to answer any questions you may have! Between October 3rd and 31st, use the clues to find our homes on trails around the North Country. This year, to help us and you stay safe and healthy, use your phone’s camera to scan the QR code on the sign next to our house. It will take you to a form where you can leave us your nature questions! 


Hart's Falls Preserve, Hermon

Follow the path through the field and a leisurely stroll

Take the first trail on your right, you’re really on a roll

You’ll pass seven trail blazes tacked into the trees

In sight of the river you’ll feel a cool breeze

Then look to your left for a dead tree and a rock

When you see the fairies house be sure to knock! 


Remington Recreation Trail, Canton 

Pass by the playground just as you begin

Come out for a walk, a jog, or a spin

As you go down the hill watch for the “Slow” sign

Look at the trees around, you won’t see a single pine

The path turns a corner, and look to your right

Lots of small, moss covered trees should be in your sight

There are clusters of these, skinny, spindly trees

At the base of one, find our house, ask any questions you please



By Thimble & Blossom

Thimble and Blossom are two traveling woodland fairies who love to migrate through the North Country on their way towards the tropical forests where they spend their winter. Thimble loves spending his time exploring the tops of trees and enjoys surfing down the falling leaves in autumn. Blossom likes to spend many of her afternoons befriending bees and butterflies in the forest. She also loves to take dewdrop baths every morning while listening to morning birdsong. Because they live in the woods, Thimble and Blossom have learned a lot about North Country plants and animals throughout the years. They're very excited to share their knowledge with you!