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North Country Butterflies

Event date and time
July 14, 2024 - 12:30 PM to July 14, 2025 - 3:00 PM

We will do a walk along the Tooley Pond Road, leaving the maintained trail occasionally, to see what butterflies might be about. Though the past is no guarantee of the future, last year around this time I found the largest number of species I’ve ever seen in the north country at this ordinary-looking site. Regardless, we’ll enjoy what we see, and will discuss their life histories, note the plants they lay their eggs on, which plants they get nectar from, and special adaptations that help them survive. Although butterflies are the focus, we will not ignore other interesting nature that may present itself. Please contact me by email or text if you plan to attend.

Event Leader: Steven Daniel
Text: 585-732-7095

Appropriate ages
Suitable for all ages
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Steven Daniel