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Adirondack Freshwater Jellyfish

Posted by Justin Dalaba,
North Country explorer from
September 24, 2016

Paddling along the Raquette River from Long Lake, one wouldn't expect to find a marine species drifting down the current in freshwater! I was surprised to discover these freshwater jellyfish (about the size of a dime) floating along the surface of the river by the dozens on Saturday. Was able to find some more info about them here: https://adkwatershed.wordpress.com/2014/12/03/freshwater-jellyfish-cres…


Erika Barthelmess

Wow Justin - this is really cool! Are they native?


Justin Dalaba

Hey Erika, according to the link I shared, they are definitely non-native but they don't seem to be considered an invasive yet. I hadn't heard of their existence in the Adirondacks but talking with some fish biologists, I heard they have been seen in large numbers in the Great Lakes. Must have been transported to the inland headwaters by boat somehow.