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Large Dusky Salamander

Posted by Fred Nentwick,
North Country explorer from Gouverneur
April 22, 2019

My herpetology class went out searching for herps in the glenmeal state forest on a wonderful warm and sunny afternoon for lab. Towards the end of the lab around 3:00 we started to search for dusky salamanders in a fast-moving steam.
I dug through some vegetation on the side of the steam and stumbled upon this large dusky salamander in the mud. It didn't try to get away, maybe because it was mostly covered in mud, or maybe because it wasn't in the fast moving water. I identified it as a dusky salamander (desmognathus fuscus) because it matched the coloration of a dusky salamander and it had a naso-labial groove which could aid in smelling. This was the last herp I found that day!