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Before and After Sunset in Stone Valley

Posted by Adam Hill,
North Country explorer from
July 30, 2016

Venturing out on a hike connotes a collection of wagers with nature: What are the odds that it rains? What are the odds that I'll want to swim? That I'll be hungry? That there will be mosquitoes active? When photography is involved, a new layer of bets is introduced: What are the odds that this evening will offer a good sunset? What are the odds that I'll be in an attractive part of the trail when the sunset occurs? On this particular evening, the bet paid off. Hiking down Stone Valley through the evening, the sunset made lugging my heavy tripod down the trail worth the extra exercise. I ran the last bit of the way, but made it to my favorite set of potholes in time for the best parts of the night.


Helen Eifert

Awesome pictures! Really great shot of potholes! I learned about these in one of my first geo classes, potsdam sandstone (soft sedimentary rock) combined with lots of water erosion makes for a beautiful photo subject