We've got multiple events coming your way throughout June and July! See our events calendar for the full schedule of campfires, paddles, naturalist walks, bug hotel building, letterboxing, and so much more!

Now through the end of June head over to the Lampson Falls trail in Clare to try your hand in letter-boxing - or, if you're a letter-boxing aficionado, add 5 more stamps to your book! 4 out of the 5 boxes were inspired by amazing women in science at St. Lawrence University, and the 5th and final box in the series was placed and the clues developed by the Hermon-DeKalb Girl Scouts. Head over to our letter-boxing blog for an overview of what letter-boxing is, the supplies you need, and the clues! Happy letter-boxing!

A bobcat at night North Country Wild

After spending the semester conducting research, I finally have a story to tell about the current state of porcupines on the St. Lawrence University Kip tract. I used game cameras to take pictures of wildlife and recorded what species I saw. I had over 20 different species captured on camera, but the one species I did not have a single picture of was the porcupine.

A curious white tailed deer North Country Wild

In kindergarten, we learn how to count to 10. We continue counting to 10 because it’s easy for us, whether it be counting birds, cars, or fingers. We might therefore assume that counting wildlife would be just as easy, but that isn’t the case. Wildlife are generally well hidden and tend to be active when humans are not. Seeing wildlife today has gotten harder because of the decrease in biodiversity.

Lampson falls trailhead sign is brown with yellow lettering that says Grasse River wild forest forest preserve lampson falls parcel NYS department of environmental conservation lampson falls and points towards the trail Just Our Nature

Try your hand at letterboxing! Whether this is your first time or you're a letterboxing aficionado, make your way over to Lampson Falls between now and the end of June to find our five-box series.

Oak leaf and acorn collection Just Our Nature

Hiking isn't just for people. Many people are bringing their trusty companions with them on their adventures in the North Country environment and beyond. Hiking with your dogs is one of the most fun activities and a great way to get outdoors and bond with your beloved pets. We all want what is best for our dogs, which includes hiking safety! Knowing some plant identification could save your dog's life, and your pocket.

Small bumblebees on a white flower Just Our Nature

Seeing animals in the wilderness can be a breathtaking experience, but it’s not always easy to convey this beauty in the form of a photo. Dealing with fast moving animals or the “interesting” weather of the North Country can make it hard to snap a good picture. Luckily, practice, plus a few tips, are all it takes, and the North Country is an excellent place to practice.

Events Up North

June 10, 2023

Join Grasse River Heritage to celebrate the kick-off of two months of nature related "whimsies" visiting Heritage Park!

June 16, 2023

Knock knock. Who's there? Canoe! Canoe who? Canoe believe Nature Up North is finally starting their summer community paddle series!?

June 17, 2023

Bees, flies, beetles, moths, and more are busy bugs right about now - flying around, pollinating, and performing a host of ecosystem services!