Experience the North Country through the eyes friends and neighbors with our wall calendar, on sale now through January.

Photo: Sunrise on Mt. Arab, Maya Williams

12 months of North Country photos

We are pleased to announce that 2019 Nature Up North calendars are on sale through early 2019!  These printed calendars features some of our favorite photos shared by community members as Encounters on natureupnorth.org in the past year. Plus, we include Nature Notes highlighting seasonal wildlife behavior local to the North Country to look for each month.  

Proceeds from our calendar sales benefit Nature Up North's community environmental education initiatives.… Read more ...

Huckleberry Lake in late autumn. Photo by Bill Hill. Just Our Nature

Dear friends and neighbors,

It's that time of year again; the snow is flying, the geese have (mostly) left.  Must be time to consider making a contribution to support Nature Up North!  We'd be delighted and appreciative if you made a donation to help environmental education here in the North Country. 

Specifically, your gift will help to support activities such as:

Bill (Dick) Hollis in his decoy workshop North Country Voices

Bill (Dick) Hollis has been a duck decoy carver in the Ogdensburg area for over 50 years. Hollis first learned to carve from his father, and has now won numerous awards for his work.  He estimates he has made 1500-2000 decoys throughout his life. Despite technological innovations, Dick is one of few decoy carvers in the North Country that continues to carve with hand tools. We caught up with Dick to learn more about his craft. 


Homemade white pine tea Just Our Nature

Have you ever wandered through the woods, looked at all the plants surrounding you, and wondered, “are any of these edible?” Good news: there are many species of edible plants found in the wild all around us! With a little knowledge of how to identify and prepare wild edibles, local forests become a bountiful place to explore.

Cover Photo: Mt. Arab at Sunrise by Maya Williams Just Our Nature

We are pleased to announce that 2019 Nature Up North calendars are on sale through early 2019!  These printed calendars features some of our favorite photos shared by community members as Encounters on natureupnorth.org in the past year.

Gray Squirrel. Photo: Flickr Creative Commons, Ehpien Just Our Nature

Happiness may be elusive, but it sure has spawned a lot of aphorisms. Folk-wisdom indicates one can be happy as a pig in poop—or in mud, which makes me wonder if those two hogs are equally content, and if they had other options. It also suggests you can be pleased as a pig in a peach orchard, which would make sense unless harvest season was over.

Events Up North

February 09, 2019

An afternoon of winter play for all ages!

February 16, 2019

Nature Up North is excited to bring you the 2nd annual North Country Cardboard Sled Race!