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Nature Up North is excited to bring another summer full of fun environmental education to the North Country! Be sure to check back here and on our events page for the latest news about the events that our summer naturalist interns plan. Get outdoors with Nature Up North!

Runners gather at the start of the 8th Earth Day 7k. Just Our Nature

The flags have been picked up, the apples have been eaten, and photos have finally been rounded up, but we're still thrilled with the turnout and fun had at this year's 8th Annual Earth Day 7k! With almost 70 registrants and over $1500 raised, the North Country community demonstrated what generosity, grit, and passion look like this past Sunday, April 21st, 2024.

A black bear crosses an Adirondack stream. Just Our Nature

One of the defining characteristics of the North Country is its connection to the natural world. If it weren't, Nature Up North wouldn't exist, and that is a timeline truly too dark to imagine. The animals that inhabit the North Country play a huge role in defining the region's character. From the iconic white-tail deer, whose presence has earned them a place on the St.

Picture yourself wandering through a forest in early spring, the air crisp with the promise of warmer days ahead. Amidst the trees, something magical is happening – the sap is flowing, marking the beginning of the sweet journey from tree to topping. Join me to uncover the delightful process of making maple syrup, from forest to breakfast table.

Three examples of springtails Just Our Nature

As the soil warms up in April and May and green plants spring forth once again, a delicate aroma hangs in the air, apart from any floral scent wafting on the breeze. It’s earthy and fresh, and I find it almost intoxicating. It turns out that spring’s special perfume has some fun and quirky root causes.

A single yellow coltsfoot flower Just Our Nature

After so many months of winter whiteness, it’s a relief to watch the snow recede at last. We’re always grateful for the spring melt, even though the loss of snow cover gives way to a mostly brown world:  brown grass, sand everywhere along the roads, and brown needles under the pines. Not to mention the brown leaves we missed last fall, and maybe the dog poop that had built up, mercifully hidden under the snow.

Events Up North

June 01, 2024

Looking for a way to stay involved with local astronomy after the eclipse? Thinking about picking up a new hobby, but not sure where to get started?

June 08, 2024

Join Nature Up North to learn more about how community members, that's you, can monitor the waterways near you!

June 13, 2024

Join us for the kick-off to our summer campfire series!