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Monitory My Maple Teacher Guide

Image of teacher guide

This is a teacher's guide for the Monitor My Maple project. It includes examples of standards, clear instructions for starting the project, and FAQ's. 

Grade level
Monitor My Maple
Resource Type
Teacher Activity Guide
Living Environment
Social Studies
NYS Standards
MS-SL1, Comprehension and collaboration
MS-SL6, Presentation of knowledge and ideas
MS-LS1-5, Influence of environment on growth
MS-LS1-6, Role of photosynthesis in energy cycle
MS-LS2-1, Ecosystems: cause and effect relationships
MS-LS2-3, Ecosystems: cycling and flow of matter
HS-LS1-5, Use a model...photosynthesis transforms light energy
HS-LS2-2, Use mathematical representations...
HS-LS4-5, Evaluate the evidences supporting claims...