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Nature Up North made me Nuts About Nature!

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Nature Up North made me Nuts About Nature!

By Nancy LaFaver
August 2, 2017

I attended the Nature Up North Summer Workshop to find new ways to incorporate nature and to enhance my Nuts About Nature after school program. After two days of information overload and field experience, I was able to map out an entire school year of nature programs and activities!  It was wonderful to not only hear about what Nature Up North is doing but to feel like it could be integrated into an enrichment program in a truly meaningful manner for our students.

By Nancy LaFaver
Lisbon, NY


So glad to hear our program was helpful for you Nancy! We're "nuts about nature" too... if you can't tell!

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I could delineate a whole school year of nature projects and exercises! It was great to not just find out about what Nature Up North is doing however to feel like it could be incorporated into an advancement program in a genuinely important way for our understudies. http://www.courseworkbuzz.co.uk/

I went to the Nature Of North Summer Workshop to discover better approaches to join nature and to improve my Nuts About Nature after school program. Following two days of data over-burden and field involvement, I could outline a whole school year of nature projects and exercises

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I could outline an entire school year of nature activities and activities! It was extraordinary to not simply get some answers concerning what Nature Up North is doing, in any case, to feel like it could be joined into a progression program in a really imperative manner for our understudies www.researchpapertown.com

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It not just made you nuts, it made us nuts too. I am an adventurer and traveler. I took my employees on a trip to Ireland and it was amazing. I am planning another trip with them and I will definitely look up to you for that. Thank you for this amazing post. Stay blessed.
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I love to go on adventure trips. Especially Northside. I am crazy about mountains and snow. It was my dream to be an alpinist but got so much engaged in life that couldn't achieve it. I will definitely refer this website for my next trips. Thank you. Great post.
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