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Woodland Fairies Visit the North Country

Woodland Fairies Visit the North Country

By Molly McMasters
June 15, 2017

*There's still time to visit the fairies! Our Fairy Friends will now be staying in the North Country until July 7th, 2017.

The fairies are coming, the fairies are coming!  Each spring a merry group of fairies migrates through the North Country on their way home for the summer. These aren't just any fairies – these fairies live in the woods, where they spend their days bonding with birds, talking with trees, buzzing with bugs, and getting friendly with fungi. As you might guess, over time they’ve become expert naturalists. For a limited time only, you’ll have the chance to visit their fairy houses and ask them any questions you have about nature.

The North Country fairies can be found in three places during their visit: the Lampson Falls Trail, the Munter Trail in Potsdam, and the Outdoor Classroom trail at the Nicandri Nature Center in Massena. At any time between June 14th and July 7th, find their homes and leave notes with your nature questions in inside. Just leave your first name and age, so the fairies can address you personally when they reply. On July 7th our friends from Nature Up North will post our responses at: natureupnorth.org/askafairy  

Fairies build their houses to blend in with the surroundings, so they can be tricky to find. Fortunately, they've left a set of clues to help you find them:


Lampson Falls, Clare  NY

Coordinates: 44°24'21.2"N -75°04'16.9"W


Hello young wanderer, an adventure ahead of you sprawls!

We traveling fairies can’t wait to see you on the trail to Lampson Falls.

Please keep your eyes peeled and keep your eyes locked,

You’ll find us just on the right, a stone’s throw from the registration box.

Look for our home at the height of your knee

We’ll be waiting for you upon a fallen tree!



Munter Trail, Potsdam NY

Coordinates: 44°66'67.6"N -74°99'04.7"W


On the Munter Trail you must follow the way

Past the split in the trail is where us fairies play.

Keep on going past the field on the right

To find our hiding place you’ll have to search with all your might!

We are hidden in the fort made of sticks and branches,

Inside you will find our favorite place for fairy dances.



Nicandri Nature Center, Robert Moses State Park, Massena  NY

Coordinates: 44°99'02.8"N -74°83'63.8"W


If you’d like to see our home or have questions we can answer,

Come out and find us at the Massena Nature Center!

We built our house on the outdoor classroom trail,

Look right over the bridge with the tall wooden rail.

You’ll see our rocky home perched upon a trunk,

We are waiting just off the trail- you’ll spot us if you have any luck!




We hope you'll get out and have some family fairy fun this spring and summer! 

By Molly McMasters
Canton, New York


Just another example of one of the incredibly creative ways that Nature Up North is helping to get folks outdoors. Well done, NUN!