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February Frolic: Get Outside With Nature Up North 

February Frolic: Get Outside With Nature Up North 

By Valeria Maldonado Ortiz
February 1, 2021

Are you tired of being inside? Don’t let the cold weather get you down, get up and get outside with Nature Up North! Here are some activities you can do outside while in the North Country. Make sure to always layer up and stay warm! 


  1. Snowy Hike 

You can’t go wrong with a hike during the cold winter months. Make sure to layer up and stay hydrated as you explore the winter wonders of the North Country. 

Coney Mt. Encounter by Bill Hill 


  1. Cross-Country Skiing

There’s nothing like going out with friends or family (socially distanced) and skiing with views like these. Are you feeling inspired? Get outdoors and enjoy the beautiful views. 

Whiteface encounter by Isabella de Buy Wenniger


  1. Build a snowman

Feeling creative? Get outdoors and create some art! Snow is all around during winter time and what better than to make a snowman. Get together with friends and family and build a snowman as a bonding activity!

Picture by: Kayla Edmunds


  1. Take pictures!

One of the best things to do outside is to get creative! Using your device at hand, camera, phone, even pen and paper, you can get outdoors and document what you see around you even if it’s in your own backyard. Sometimes the little things are found very close to us, it’s just a matter of searching a bit. 

Kip Trail encounter by Maya Williams


If you do get outdoors and document your experience with pictures make sure to submit them as encounters to be featured in our instagram (@natureupnorth) and to enter our February Frolic encounter contest for a chance to win some Nature Up North merch. Make the best out of this winter weather. The possibilities are endless. Get up and get outdoors with Nature Up North! 


By Valeria Maldonado Ortiz
Canton, NY

Val is a summer naturalist intern and a junior studying Psychology and Environmental Studies at St. Lawrence University. She is from Ponce, Puerto Rico and enjoys spending time relaxing at the beach, paddle boarding and taking pictures of the world around her!