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Gothic North Face-November 2018

Posted by Kevin MacKenzie,
North Country explorer from
November 24, 2018

Ranger Scott and I tagged Gothics’ North Face yesterday. I’ve never gotten on it during November so this was quite a treat. We took a chance and had a great day as a front moved in. I feared it would be covered with some un-bonded snow, but we found a mixed back of snow climbing, ice climbing, and scratching up bare rock. The approach involved breaking through a couple feet of virgin snow from the Orebed Trail to its base. Clouds enveloped us and strong winds pounded drove the spindrift as we climbed the top 400’ to the ridge where we found 4-5’ of snow. Real winter conditions are on the summit. In all we had a 13 hour day.


Bill Hill

Looks like a great day, and not for the weak of heart!