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Playing 'possum

Posted by Erika Barthelmess,
North Country explorer from Canton, NY
September 27, 2016

My students and I were out checking our porcupine traps this morning - didn't catch any porkies, but caught two of these opossums. Interestingly, I've only started catching them in the last 5 years or so - prior to that, they were not present on the SLU Kip Tract. Animal personalities differ quite a bit - trapped possums just sit there, even when you open the trap. Raccoons dig a huge dirty mess and hiss at you, porcupines chatter their teeth and slap their tails, and fishers just look for your first mistake as an opportunity to escape. But 'possums just sit there. Once we got this one out of the trap, it continued to sit and stare at us, taking a few moments to realize it was free before wandering off.

local opossum