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Giving back on Earth Day

Posted by Erika Barthelmess,
North Country explorer from Canton, NY
April 22, 2019

Happy Earth Day!  Sometimes, actions speak louder than words.  Students in the St. Lawrence University conservation biology class spent 1.5 hours this morning picking up trash at the SLU Sandbanks and also along park street.  Disappointing to see how much trash people leave behind.  Pollution, including littering, is one of the "4 horsemen of the environmental apocalypse" (climate change results from polluation; the other three are habitat loss/destruction, invasive species, and overharvesting).

And, if you are a smoker, of regular, e-cigs, or "jewels" - you are an especially trashy group.  Please stop pitching your cig refuse out the window.

The garter snake, as well as several drivers, cheered us along.