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Ask A Fairy: Fall 2022 Answers

Ask A Fairy: Fall 2022 Answers

By Thimble & Blossom
November 9, 2022

The leaves have all fallen and as the nights drop below freezing Thimble and Blossom are continuing on their journey south for the winter. Although they enjoy a few frosty mornings, they’re ready to bask in the warm sun rays again. But, before they left they made sure to write back to all of your wonderful nature questions! They wanted us to tell you that they loved answering your questions, and they hope you keep exploring and being curious about all the wonderful things around us. Read on to hear what they have to say!


Jock Boy 1, 8,  How did you get here?

Hi Jock Boy! What a magical question! If you ask the other fairies they’ll each tell you a unique thing since we all possess special powers and look different, but we can tell you how we got to the North Country. We flew! From way up in Canada, where we spend the warmest time of the year. But we love stopping over here and taking a break in these houses during our migration. 

Tara, 55, Do you live here all through the winter?

Hi Tara! We are migratory fairies, just like geese or monarch butterflies! Right now we’re passing through the North Country on our way south for the winter. Although we love it here, the frosty mornings have been a little chilly and we’re excited to float on a puddle and enjoy some sweet berries. However, we’re already looking forward to being back here next spring!

Mary, 6, Are you friends with mosquitos, why do they itch? 

Hi sweet Mary! We are friends with all the little and big creatures here in the forest including mosquitos! We weren’t always friends, but that was until I realized how much good they do for not only the place we live in, but for all the humans as well! When female mosquitoes land on you, they take some blood so they can make a family, and to make up for it they leave behind some of their saliva as a way to kiss it to make it feel better. Sometimes their power of love is too strong for us ,which causes it to itch! 

Sheila, 2, Are there really fairies?

Hello Sheila, sorry we missed you, we say Hello! Blossom and I are usually busy exploring the outdoors during the day. We spend our time gathering food for our soups and preparing for our trip to the south in a few weeks. But we also love to have fun playing hide and seek in piles of leaves, swimming around the falls, or hanging upside down catching up with our bat friends. 

Joseph, 7, Are you a tooth fairy?

Hi Joseph! Although we are not tooth fairies ourselves (we are forest fairies), we do have tooth fairy friends! We love to share our stories from the outdoor adventures here in the North Country and enjoy listening to their adventures collecting teeth. 

Liam, 9, What are your favorite mushrooms for soups?

What a great question Liam! Thimble and I enjoy trying different types of mushrooms around here as they all have unique tastes. Although chicken-of-the-woods and giant puffballs are easier mushrooms to find, my favorite mushroom would be the golden chanterelle. They are quite tasty and yummy, but every once in a while we do come across a bad mushroom, so we try to be careful when we choose the best mushrooms for our soups.

Thomas, 3, Why do fairies live in the woods?

Hi Thomas! Us fairies live in the woods because it is our home! We get everything we need from the woods, from the leaves and stones we use to build our houses, to the wild berries we munch on for food. Not to mention it's where all of our favorite furry friends live as well! 

Miles, 2.5, Do turtles live in the creek near your house?

Hi Miles, I'm glad you asked about turtles! They not only live in the creek but love it! As it provides them with the perfect habitat to live. My favorite turtle of the creek is Rojo, the painted turtle. He likes to hangout on exposed logs and rocks to bask in the sunlight, and is easily recognizable by his red underbelly and yellow lines on his limbs. 

Miryam, 11, Can frogs give you warts?

Hi Miryam! To answer your question, no, frogs cannot give you warts. However, they once did! But thanks to some fairy magic from me and my friends, frogs are now harmless to humans. 

Aria and Mya, 8 & 12, Why did you come to Lampson Falls?

Hi Aria and Mya! I came to Lampson Falls because the North Country has great fall foliage and my wings prefer the cool fall weather. I like Lampson Falls because there's a beach! This spot has a little bit of everything and I am happy you like it too! 

Emma, 7, How are waterfalls formed? 

Hi Emma, great question! Waterfalls are formed when a stream flows from a softer rock to a harder rock. Over time the rocks erode away and water can flow faster and faster forming the waterfalls like the ones we see all around us! 

Noah, 5, How do you fly? 

Hi Noah! My wings are just like your muscles. My secret is pixie dust but do not tell anyone. Using my secret fairy magic allows me to stay safe from rain and wind and I can fly above treetops and to see all the beautiful parts of the North Country. 

Jamie, 44, Have you ever seen the face of an ant? Have you ever seen sasquatch?

I have seen the face of an ant! They look a bit spooky close up, but they are very friendly! I haven't seen Sasquatch yet, but I am always keeping my eyes open for him! 

Louisa, 35, Why do deer have antlers and then shed them every year?

Hi Louisa! Male deer have antlers as a way to compete with each other for mates and territory. Not only did bigger antlers signify a more fit buck, but they also use them for sparring with each other! Deer shed their antlers each year at the end of mating season to make way for new, stronger antlers to grow next year. Each year as the deer ages, his antlers grow bigger. Pretty amazing!

Brynn, 11, Are there any fairies along the trail?

Hi Brynn! There are plenty of fairies along the trails! That’s why all the fairy houses go up along the trail! It is a place for us to rest and hang out as we go on our journeys around the north country! 


By Thimble & Blossom

Thimble and Blossom are two traveling woodland fairies who love to migrate through the North Country on their way towards the tropical forests where they spend their winter. Thimble loves spending his time exploring the tops of trees and enjoys surfing down the falling leaves in autumn. Blossom likes to spend many of her afternoons befriending bees and butterflies in the forest. She also loves to take dewdrop baths every morning while listening to morning birdsong. Because they live in the woods, Thimble and Blossom have learned a lot about North Country plants and animals throughout the years. They're very excited to share their knowledge with you!