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North Country Summer: A Photo Essay

By Abigail Lateer
August 3, 2022

As a summer naturalist intern for Nature Up North, one of the things I was most excited about was getting to live in the North Country for the summer. I feel so lucky I got the chance to explore this beautiful place, and I made this photo essay to capture some of my favorite places and views. I hope you love it, and that you see some of the places you love too!

Carving of a man’s face into a tree, background of woods Do you know which nature center in the North Country is home to this (and other) spooky and beautiful tree carvings?


Four Canadian Geese in a field, wetland area in the backgroundCanadian Geese are the largest geese in the world, with most adults weighing between 5 and 14lbs, and some as big as 20!


A flock of Canadian Geese in an open field, trees and telephone wires in the backgroundCanadian Goose migration has been on the decline as urbanization has increased. The manmade pools and flat grassy spaces in suburbia provide geese plenty of food and habitat space, and the flat landscape allows them to easily spot any predators headed their way.


The shoreline of a lake,  covered in trees and a small beach areaApproximately 12% of the North American continent is drained by the St. Lawrence River watershed. This makes St. Lawrence County home to many beautiful bodies of water like this one. 

A formation of rocks with natural holes carved in from water erosion
The unique geological history of the North Country is a pull for many students, researchers, and your run-of-the-mill rock enthusiasts. Fascinating formations like this one can be seen everywhere!


A wide shot of a river dotted with rock formations, flanked by trees in the backgroundThe North Country is famous for our harsh winters, but the hot summers have us running for one of the many lakes and rivers at our disposal. Do you recognize this iconic St. Lawrence County spot?

 The reflection of a sunset in a wetland area, framed by trees and plantsWetlands are sometimes referred to as the “kidneys” of a landscape, cleaning the water that runs through a landscape. It is an extremely important part of the patchwork of diverse landscapes that makes up the North Country. 

A group of people sitting around a campfire, smoke blowing upOne of the best parts about summer is getting together with friends and community members! Nature Up North had a fun and busy summer, hosting a total of 27 events and programs for the public and for private groups.


A shot from below of leaves of trees in the sun against a blue skyOne of the best parts of summer, especially in the North Country, is being surrounded by green growing things! After months of bare branches, seeing the trees fully colorful and alive is a genuine joy.

By Abigail Lateer
Canton, NY