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St. Lawrence River Field Day

St. Lawrence River Field Day

By Justin Dalaba
July 9, 2015

On June 10th 2015, Nature Up North hosted a St. Lawrence River field day for Jefferson Elementary 5th graders.  Roughly 55 students came to Robert Moses Nature Center to learn about the watershed, pollution, macroinvertebrates and fishing.  There were four total activities for kids to rotate through.  The first activity was a nature walk discussing the interactions between water and land.  The second activity was an interactive game, called "Macroinvertebrate Mayhem," to help students understand the affects of water pollution.  Third was a macroinvertebrate collection station where students were able to look more closely at things like crayfish, snails, caddisflies and zebra mussles.  Finally, the 5th graders learned about fish in the St. Lawrence River and how to cast a fishing pole with an introductory fishing activity.  Check out some of the photos from the event below:  

One student searches under a rock for crayfish (Photo 1).

Practicing casting fishing poles (Photo 2).

Students sorting out what they caught in their nets (Photo 3).

Students collecting macroinvertebrates with their nets (Photo 4).


A lucky find, one student catches a frog! (Photo 5).

Observing some eggs on the bottom of a rock (Photo 6).


By Justin Dalaba
Canton, New York

Justin loves exploring the outdoors in a multitude of ways and he feels most connected through photography, hiking, fishing, running and cycling. He hopes to translate his passion for nature and conservation onto others while working as an intern for Nature Up North.