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Ask A Fairy: The Fairies Are Back Fall 2022

Ask A Fairy: The Fairies Are Back Fall 2022

By Thimble & Blossom
October 4, 2022

Exciting news from the forests! Thimble and Blossom, our favorite migratory fairy naturalists, are back in the North Country! In the fall they like to take a break from flying and glide around on falling leaves, forage for berries and seeds with chipmunks, and enjoy a warm cup of acorn soup! Through all of their woodland travels they’ve become excellent naturalists, and are now here to answer any questions you may have! Between October 3rd and November 1st, use the clues to find their homes on trails around the North Country. Once you find their homes, use your phone’s camera to scan the QR code on the sign next to our house. It will take you to a form where you can leave us your nature questions!


Lampson Falls (Clare)

Pass by the yellow gate and trod down the forests leaf-covered floor

Through pine, beech, maple, and more

Keep going through the “trees with the bright orange spots” zone

On the edge of a small bend stands a tall white pine alone

Just to the right you’ll see our home

Sitting on top of a mossy log that’s turning to loam

If you reach the trail register you’ve missed the spot

Turn back to find us, we love to talk a lot!


And after you stop by for a short stay

Make sure you check out the waterfall further along the way!


Indian Creek Nature Center (Rensselaer Falls)

Head to the trailhead and read about the critters that abound

Before taking a gander towards the Boardwalk Trail to see where we’re found

Appreciate the trees and undergrowth along the way

Listen for birds and wildlife, they have a lot to say

But wait! Right before you hit the trail junction that leads this way and that

Look to your left, there’s our house, stop for a chat!


By Thimble & Blossom

Thimble and Blossom are two traveling woodland fairies who love to migrate through the North Country on their way towards the tropical forests where they spend their winter. Thimble loves spending his time exploring the tops of trees and enjoys surfing down the falling leaves in autumn. Blossom likes to spend many of her afternoons befriending bees and butterflies in the forest. She also loves to take dewdrop baths every morning while listening to morning birdsong. Because they live in the woods, Thimble and Blossom have learned a lot about North Country plants and animals throughout the years. They're very excited to share their knowledge with you!