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Citizen Science Introduction Worksheet

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This worksheet walks students through one of 5 different citizen science projects, listed below. Assign students one of the projects listed to research, and instruct them to fill out the worksheet as they learn about the project. Students may work in groups or alone. This lesson is meant to be adaptable; different projects may be swapped in depending on your goals. 

  1. Monitor My Maple (Nature Up North): natureupnorth.org/monitor-my-maple-project
  2. Water Monitoring (Nature Up North): natureupnorth.org/watermonitoring  
  3. iNaturalist, California Academy of Sciences/National Geographic: inaturalist.org/
  4. eBird (Cornell Lab of Ornithology): ebird.org/home
  5. Nature’s Notebook (National Phenology Network): usanpn.org/natures_notebook
Grade level
Monitor My Maple
Mow the Grasse
Resource Type
Classroom Handout
Living Environment
Social Studies
NYS Standards
MS-SL1, Comprehension and collaboration