Looking for adventure? Mt. Arab, in southern St. Lawrence County, offers spectacular views of the Adirondacks from its summit fire tower. Visit our trails page to learn more about local hiking opportunities.

Nature Up North is currently accepting applications for part-time Academic Semester Interns for Fall 2018. Nature Up North interns are undergraduate students with an interest in communicating their passion for the environment through digital media and/or computer science. Interns develop content for natureupnorth.org including photos, videos, graphics, trail maps, and written work. Interns also engage in photo and video journalism projects, documenting and sharing unique stories about the North Country environment for a local audience. 

Interns earn a stipend or receive academic credit (optional) and are expected to devote 5-8 hours/week to the project. 

Fall 2018 Application Deadline: SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 16th

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St. Lawrence Citizen Journalism Incubator Just Our Nature

Nature Up North is proud to be working with the Weave News, North Country Public Radio, and The Hill News to sponsor the first annual St. Lawrence Citizen Journalism Incubator (SLCJI).

Pumpkin fairy house Ask a Fairy

We eagerly await the fall season, because with it comes apples season, vibrant fall colors, and of course - visiting fairies! Our woodland fairy friends will be visiting the North Country on their migration south for the winter from October 12th - 28th. You're invited to find their homes and leave notes with your nature questions inside. Please also leave your first name and age, so the fairies can address you personally when they reply.

Maple trees at St. Lawrence University Just Our Nature

Planting a tree isn’t rocket science, which is good thing. If it were that complex, I’d wager we’d have a lot fewer trees lining our streets. It may not take a scientist to plant a tree correctly, but a lot of money is spent each year to buy and plant trees which may as well be leased, because they will only live a fraction of their expected lifespan.

A maple tree near a school with a bright orange top and green leaves below. Just Our Nature

Seems like competitiveness may be part of human DNA, but it does not always pay to be first.

The Grasse River near Taylor Park, Summer 2018. Just Our Nature

Are you younger than 96 years old?  Did you spend your summer here in the North Country?  If you answered yes to both, then you just experienced the hottest summer on record (1922-present)!  Yes, the summer of 2018 was a hot one. 

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