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Other than the hungry mosquitos, it was a nice evening to walk along the Oswegatchie River in Edwards.

Although this old farmhouse has long been uninhabited by people, it has been home to several litters of red fox over the past few years.

Hiking at Robert Moses State Park and saw orioles, a scarlet tanager, and this blackburnian warbler in our travels. A great day for birding.

Thought we'd stick close to car, so chose Jamestown Falls for Sunday venture. Always a pleasure to hear a warbler, great to actually get an identifiable picture!

phragmites was very tall. It towered over native reeds.

I found Invasive Phragmites by the artificial pond on St. Lawrence University's campus. Invasive Phragmites is a tall terrestrial plant that usually grows in clusters near marshes. It can be identified from native phragmites by its height, and the color of its stem base. This invasive phragmites was found during the spring and is a tan color with a seed/flowering head. Being that it is spring, most of the phragmites plants were knocked over and dead with the exception of these few phragmites stems.

Found many patches of dried and regrowing phragmites along the roadside toward the SUNY Canton Hockey Rink Parking Lot.

Found common reed along the power lines by SUNY Canton- wonderful day! Partially Cloudy and 62 degrees.

Recent days have seen the return of many species of migrant birds that either breed here in the North Country or move through on migration to farther reaches north. The Phoebe and Swamp Sparrow seen here are among the breeders. And what says spring more than a porcupine completely covered with fresh pollen?!

This is a great short hike that is usually pretty secluded. With a dozen cars at Lampson falls that day, this was perfect.