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Beautiful view on a fall day 

Beautiful views on a fall day

Mt Arab Sunset

Sunset Mountain Hike

Ruby Throated Humminbird on tithonia

While working in the garden there is always a flury of hummingbird activity this time of year. They battle for control of the best feeders and flowers. I captured this photo after this hummingbird successfully chased off the competition and went on with enjoying the flowers. 

Humminbird on tithonia in my veggie garden.

Ruby Throated Hummingbird on zinnia

Hummingbirds are fighting over the flowers in the gardens. This little one found a perfect spot to sip a zinnia blossom with flowering dill in the background. 

Ruby Throated Hummingbird sipping nectar cherry queen zinnia with dill flower in the background.


I noticed a bird flying around our property and the hayfield next door, it flew like a bat in circles. There were lots of insects on this hot and humid September day. I realized it was a nighthawk. A rare sighting during daylight hours. Please allow me to add proper tag. Nighthawks are on decline, and it would be great if people could properly tag their sightings. 

Common Nighthawk circling above

Ives Park Sunset Potsdam NY

Racquette River Sunset Racquette River Sunset Trail ride

Spiky caterpillar

I think this was a spiny oak-slug moth caterpillar. It was really beautiful, I can't recall ever seeing another caterpillar that looked like this before.

Spiky caterpillar



Bee approach

Bee approach

Hummingbird nectaring on hyacinth bean flowers

This little beauty showed up while I was sipping coffee on our porch. I have an abundance of hummingbirds this season, much to my delight. I think they enjoy the multitude of native and annual flowers I have planted for them. The hyacinth bean vine was a new addition to my annuals this summer. Hummingbird approved! 

Hummingbird on hyacinth bean vine

Close Encounter

We took family on the St. Lawrence River and saw this large ship. It was amazing!

Close Encounter

American Goldfinch on red sunflower

I always have one of my cameras handy while I am in the garden. I plant flowers not only for myself to enjoy, but for the birds. This American Goldfinch was kind enough to pose on my sunflowers. 

This American Goldfinch posed for me on this red sunflower in my garden

American Goldfinch on red sunflower

I always have my camera with me while I am out in the garden. This little goldfinch posed for several photos, it was difficult to choose my favorite. 

Asian lady beetle on a flower

This photo depicts an Asian lady beetle, a species similar in looks to a ladybug but very invasive in the North Country. It can be hard to tell the difference between the two but the main giveaway that I look for to distinguish them is the black "M-shaped" marking located behind the Asian lady beetle's head. Despite the invasive nature of this species, they are still stunning and photograph beautifully.

Asian lady beetle on a flower

Sunset at Barnhart Marina

Fungi at Heritage Park

We had so much fun learning about fungi!

white and brown fungi in hand

Leaves Already Changing?

Enjoyed a nice morning walk on the SLU XC trails, but am surprised to see some leaves already turning red. Keep hearing that everything is “two weeks early,” plus these trees are on the edge of a soccer field right next to the road, so maybe not the healthiest habitat, contributing to some external stressors…

A mostly green maple tree with a few red leaves

Curious Stoat

I was heading out to the garden when I heard the birds sounding the alert. I looked around and sure enough this little one was running along the stone row. I waited on the other side for him to peek out. He seemed to be interested in the clicking of my camera and struck a cute pose. I am pretty sure this stoat is one of the young ones I saw Momma carrying earlier in the season. 

This little one was running along the stone row

Hermit Flower Beetle

Seek identified this as a “Hermit Flower Beetle” he was the size of a half dollar, maybe a bit bigger, and I love that you can see the lamellate antennae, which is very characteristic of scarab beetles. This fella is similar to the beetles we know as june bugs, but not the same. Apparently they can emit a noxious odor when frightened! 

Big brown beetle on brown porch

Fungi & Fairy Houses at Lampson Falls

A rainy walk to Lampson Falls to build fairy houses, collecting material along the way, led to the discovery of lots of different fungi, all probably much happier than the humans at the damp conditions. despite the rain it was a joyful afternoon!

Orangish fungi growing on the dark, damp bark of a tree Community member holding fungi they found at Lampson House made of barks and sticks House made of fiber twisted around a branch House made of leaves and pine needles House made of bark and sticks

Sunshine and Leaf!

I just love the way the sun shines through this leaf and you can see all of its intricate veins, and the rest of the tree stands a little out of focus in the background. Nature is so awesome!

Bright green leaf with the sun behind it

Birds at the Boat Launch

I work as a Watercraft Inspection Steward to manage invasive species and, when the boat traffic is slow, I try to see what the feathered fellas are up to! There are many places for them to hang out at the boat launch: grasses and reeds, trees, even industrial structures! They are good company for a long day outside and I never get tired of listening to their conversations.

Osprey perched on a power line Mallard walking on the boat ramp Peregrine Falcon perched on a tower

Big pine

Big pine in wanakena

Ducks in the ADKs

Ducks in a lake



In the velvet

Beautiful little buck stopped in my yard to eat. 

In the velvet

Bumblebee Robber Fly!

Visited by a bumblebee robber fly at the canton farmers market! These flies are cleverly disguised as bees with their yellow and black coloration and fuzzy bodies - but a closer look and a few clues will give away their status as flies (members of the Diptera order). First - this guy only has one pair of wings. Bees have two pairs! He’s got short antennae, and his eyes are more round whereas bees generally have oval shaped eyes. Finally the giveaway that this isn’t just any fly, but a robber fly - the mustache (technical name: mystax, a collection of stuff bristles on the face).

Yellow and black bee looking fly on a piece of paper Black and yellow bee looking fly on a piece of paper

Close Call

Close Call

Oh deer.

Kayaking down the Grasse River at dusk. 

Oh deer


I walk my dog every morning at 4:30am and this is my view along the way. 


Giant Water Bug With Eggs

Having a snack

This dragon fly landed on my son and just happened to have caught a spider to have for a snack. 

Having a snack

Early morning groundhog

Jack in the pulpit

Jack in the pulpit

Maple Leaves Are Out!

So exciting to see the new, bright green leaves on these sugar and Norway maples on SLU campus. Not just here but all over campus and beyond the beautiful greenery is just so lush and fresh - it really feels like a breath of fresh air and new beginnings. 

Very green leaves and a few branches of a sugar maple Green leaves and brown branches of a Norway maple with a little bit of blue sky peeking through.

Trail buddies

Dogs walking on trail

Bee and Flower

Bee in flower

Reading Bee!

This little bee kept coming back and landing on my book and my sweater while I was outside. I was wearing a yellow sweater with flowers so he may have liked that. When the little friend was on my book he was rubbing his antennae and legs - and you can see how full the tibia on its hind legs are with pollen! So cool! 

Small bee with lots of pollen on its hind legs rest on the white pages of a book.

Amphibians of Black Lake

Spring Tulip


Black Lake "fish food"

Scott and I sampled the lake today and towed a zooplankton net behind the boat near Raspberry Island. Fun times on a beautiful spring day

3 tiny copepods caught in a net, one of which has egg clusters!


Spotted this little beauty in my backyard while hiking my dog 


Birding with St. Lawrence Land Trust

Birding walk led by Tom Langen and the St. Lawrence Land Trust at the Upper and Lower Lakes Wildlife Management Area. Some of the most exciting sightings (to me at least) were the Virginia rail (pictured here creeping through the marsh), a Northern Waterthrush (not pictured), an American kestrel hovering (not pictured), and the Baltimore oriole we saw at the very end (pictured in a blossoming tree). Other birds we encountered were: 

The bright orange of a Baltimore oriole is partly camouflaged by the yellow and orange blossoms on a spring tree Marshy plants hide a Virginia rail creeping around

Northern Flicker

Northern Flicker

Otter Breakfast


Banded Terns

Banded Terns

Mergansers take off


Golfing Groundhog

Buddy was zoomin from tunnel to tunnel


Wandering the wetlands

This semester, Nature Up North has been helped by two St. Lawrence University students participating in a "Community based learning" course. Among other things, Julia and Ilana helped us to put out some game cameras in early March. We went out today to retrieve the game cameras. Knowing that the St. Lawrence University Kip Tract is primarily forested wetland, and that the trails are flooded, we donned chest waders just to walk the trail and get the cameras. We were successful in collecting 3 of the 4 cameras; one that we had placed near the bank of the Little River was under water!

A wet stroll along the Kip Trail Underwater game camera Flooded trail

Wetland birding

Kayla and I went out to do some morning birding on the Kip Trail. After abandoning the trail on the Wachtmeister side due to flooding, we headed to the Pike Rd. entrance. Though I have no bird pictures to share, we saw and/or heard at least the following: Eastern phoebe, kingfishers, mallard ducks, brown creepers, hairy woodpeckers, chickadees, a northern cardinal, red-breasted nuthatch, and likely a yellow warbler!

We happened upon more flooding on the trail and also found some evidence of recent beaver activity near the lean-to.

Flooding on the Kip Trail Beaver chewed wood Beaver chewed beech tree Intrepid ornithologists

Flaming sunset

Flaming sunset clouds

Flaming clouds at sunset

Flaming sky

Feather or cloud?

Flaming sunset

Reflections of sunset

Flaming sunset

Clouds at sunset looked like a flame

April Icing

Spring icing Spring icing Spring icing Spring icing

Stoneflies on the Porch!

iNaturalist identified this as a "Winter Stonefly," there have been a bunch on my porch. It's still pretty chilly - how do these insects survive? So cool! 

A small stonefly - dark brown/black with obvious wing veins and long antennae

Snow Geese

Snow Geese

Tracks in the Snow

Saw some tracks in the snow, not sure what they were, maybe a raccoon?

Saw some tracks on the St. Lawrence University campus today. Not sure what they were, maybe a raccoon?

Eagle eye

Eagle watching the field

Walk Along the Saddlemire Trail

Winter walk

Went for a walk while it snow!! Very peaceful

Winter Walk

Shadowed Owl

Owl was soaking up the sun.

Owl with shadow

Gobble Gobble

Turkey trotting by

Meeting at the feeder

Cardinal and woodpecker meeting at the feeder

First Time Skiing

My first time skiing at Titus was so much fun! Most of the day was cloudy and spent a while on the "bunny" slopes, my friends and I had a great time.

A picture of 2 skiers on Titus mountain, lower side

Backyard Blue Jay

It was a beautiful afternoon just after a snow storm when a few Blue Jays fluttered about in the backyard. This one loved to pose for the camera. 

Blue Jay sitting proud in backyard.

Cold and Beautiful

Beautiful sunny and cold January day

Ice covered trees

Cardinals on ice

A little icing to start the year

Cardinals in iced tree

New Year Owl

Beautiful Barred Owl was sitting on the edge of the wooded area.


Views of Huckleberry Lake

Our first hike to Huckleberry Lake in the Wolf Lake State Forest in St. Lawrence County. An easy 1.7 mile out-and-back led to a ledge over the still-as-a-mirror lake.

Huckleberry Lake 1 Huckleberry Lake 2 Huckleberry Lake 3 Huckleberry Lake 4

Sunset from the Site

We saw this beautiful sunset from a campsite at Meacham Campground.  

Sunset from the Site

Hill at Meacham

We visited Meacham Lake and got a great picture of the hills.  

Hills at Meacham

Colors in the Rain

I was driving down the road, and I saw some really nice fall colors. The trees almost made a mini tunnel over the road, and it looked like a great picture opportunity.

Fall colors on Old Canton Road, Canton NY

Sparkles by the Lake

This beautiful view was at Ausable Point.  

Sparkles by the Lake

Heron in a Marsh

This was taken in Peru at Ausable Point.  

Heron in a Marsh

Brandy Brook Colors

It was a clear and calm Fall day along the beautiful area of Brandy Brook, just outside of Waddington. 

Fall colors along Brandy Brook in Waddington

Busy Bee

It was amazing to see this little bee at work 


Fall in full bloom

This sight was absolutely breathtaking 


Autumn on the Oswegatchie River- High Rock Paddle

I've been paddling to High Rock on Columbus day for several years now. I enjoy this trek immensely, and the autumn season makes it that much more enjoyable. The leaves are past peak, but still, it's an amazing trip this time of year. The forecast of sunny skies took a while to get there, but eventually, the skies cleared. To top it off, I saw a bald eagle and a bear. 

. . . . .

Beautiful fall hike up Goodman Mountain

Had a beautiful hike up Goodman Mountain one Sunday morning, the leaves were all shades of green, yellow, orange, and red and the path was so soft and beautiful with the ones that had already fallen. An amazing short hike!

The cutest cluster of brown and white mushrooms Sun shining through green and yellow tree leaves Fall colors from Goodman peak Leaf that is green yellow orange from inside out Leaf covered path

Bees Nest

Bees nest in a tree

Autumn on the Beaver Narrows Trails at the Wolf Lake State Forest

The Beaver Narrows trail is awesome any time of year, but the fall is by far my favorite.

. . . . .

Autumn at Moose Pond

A short but great hike into Moose Pond during the peak of the foliage. 

. . . .

Reds of fall 2022

Burning flames

Autumn 2022

Oh the color palette! Wow!

Field of colors

Fall 2022

Leaves 2022

Color of 2022

Aww nature

Misty Blue Morning

Looking for a few moments of peace before I headed to work I stopped at the Public Beach in Blue Mountain Lake to be rewarded with this spendor!

Blue Mountain/Lake

God is the perfect artist

Walking to the end of a trail and looking out over the hills and pond was so beautiful 

Fall leaves

Fall 2022

Chilly but beautiful leaf peeping day!

Sinclair falls

Buck in velvet

Was fortunate to see the velvet still hanging on...

Buck in velvet

Old golden glow

Old maple that I grew up playing under as a child .

Old maple tree glows

New Friend?

Heard some rustling outside and thought that maybe I was about to make a new friend. I don't usually judge a book by its cover but when dealing with skunks, it is safe to assume that it would not want to be my friend.

Skunk roaming around SLU campus

The Bog River and Lows Overlook

This is an annual event for us. The foliage seems to run a little earlier along the Bog River area and this year was great. The paddle up the Bog river and then the hike up to the overlook make a perfect "surf and turf" outting.

. . . . .

Cedar River Flow

Always a blessing to be here! 

Cedar River Flow

All your geese in a row


Unexpected Hike on Scarface

Peak weekend, decided to go hiking with a few friends, the high peaks were too crowded with hikers so decided to take a smaller trail. Found some unique features along the way. Now, I am halfway complete with the Saranac 6...

Mushroom on tree Stream around the rocks view of adk mountain range

Sunset Over Water

Sunset from my backyard, on the Grasse River in Massena, NY.

Colorful sunset over a body of water

Sunset atop Mt. Azure

Another beautiful reminder that we are blessed to live in the best place on Earth. 

a beautiful sunset for the beautiful North Country

Path of Trees

Sun Breaks through clouds by the golf course

Fall at Sandstone Trail

Relaxing hike 

Sandstone Trail

Paddle at Cranberry Lake!

Got out on the water and paddled cranberry lake with a group! Got to get off and explore some rocks, go for a chilly swim, and camp out! It was so fun to be outside and enjoy being with new friends!

Taking out the orange raft to paddle cranberry lake with a group of people who quickly became friends!

Mother Nature's Canvas

Peaceful Sky


A Day Canoeing on Long Lake

The waters were a little windy, which made canoeing a little bit more difficult than originally planned. The trees surrounding the lake were just beginning to change their colors, so mainly green with a few leaves of red and orange. But the views of the mountains along the lake were absolutely stunning.

canoes, shed, at a bank on the lake canoe on lake with adk mountains in background long lake image 1 long lake image 2

Waterfall and fall leaves

The water was roaring and so amazing. The air crisp and steam flowing from the water with the changing leaves in the distance 

Waterfall and Autumn leaves


This is a fallen tree on the Lampson Falls trial. Such a beautiful piece of nature 


This beautiful girl wanted her photo taken!!

Hard at Work

My family went to Hidden Pastures Dairy to pick sunflowers and we came across many honey bees enjoying the sunflowers.

Honey Bee collecting pollen from a sunflower

Mother Dove's Nest

This is a mourning dove's nest we discovered in our spruce tree in the fall.  

Mother Dove's Nest

Sunset Hike

Sunset Hike on Mount Arab, lots of bugs, but the view was worth it. 

sunset looking over the lake sunset over the safety building

Stone Valley

Stone Valley waterfalls

Baby mouse

Sweet little mouse looking for a morsel was relocated to an area where there would be plenty of food, water and warm places to make a home.


Spreading those Wings

This was a monarch butterfly that we grew from a caterpillar.  We released it and it lighted on a plant in our yard.  

Spreading those Wings

Sandhill Cranes near Wilson Hill WMA

It was a delight to spot this pair of Sandhill Cranes grazing in a grassy field near the Wilson Hill Wildlife Management Area in Louisville, St. Lawrence County, NY. Sandhill Cranes breed in several locations in the county, including the Wilson Hill WMA, Upper & Lower Lakes WMA, and the Lisbon Swamp Complex. Keep your eyes out for these majestic birds that can reach four feet in length and have wingspans of 6.5 feet. Better yet - keep your ears open for their distinctive rattling/rolling calls.

Sandhill Cranes near Wilson Hill Wildlife Management Area

Nature and Buildings

This was such a beautiful site as I was walking along the trail across from this gorgeous building that I could not resist the urge to capture its beauty 

Brick church in Potsdam on the Island

Golden Hour Sunset

On an evening walk at my friend's house, I noticed we were walking by a very simple but beautiful scene. And as someone who lives in the city, I was quite enchanted by it--I just had to get my camera out.

The perfect end to a fun-filled day in Hammond, New York.

Nature at Work

This was a breath taking experience! Fresh morning dew all over the flowers . It was so beautiful 

This was such an amazing site. Fresh morning dew covered this beautiful flower and it had a tiny little bug collecting nectar

Evening paddle

An evening on the Grasse River

Barn in the Evening

Barn and moon

Out for a strole

I was out for a Strole and saw this beautiful family of geese heading out for a swim 


Sunset hike

After a rainy hike up for our annual August 31 sunset hike, we were greeted at the top my the most beautiful double rainbow. The clouds then continues to part and the sunset was stunning. 

A beautiful double rainbow met us at the top of Coney Mountain

Spider dew

Dew on web


Butterfly summer

Queen Anne’s Lace and Butterfly

Summer walk


Hungry bird

enjoying my mullein plant

Wildlife in my yard

deer enjoying apples from my tree

Looking into the Sky

This was taken at the Malone Rec Park, on what we call Snake Hill.  

Looking into the Sky

Toad house

A toad climbed far up to an abandoned bird house.

Toad squats in bird house


The fields  are full of babies


Panther Mt. - Tupper Lake

At just over 1.5 miles, this short trek is an easier mountain than most. For details : https://hikingthetrailtoyesterday.wordpress.com/2022/08/31/panther-moun…

Panther Mt. Panther Mt. Panther Mt. Panther Mt.

Deer in Canton

A very unwary deer encountered us on Peter Van de Water Walking Trail in Canton.  He continued to munch leaves and watch us until he decided it was time to walk to the next island.

Deer on Peter Van deWater Trail

Lampson Falls

Lampson Falls


We saw these pretty flowers on a trip to the Wild Center in Tupper Lake.  


Duckling along shoreline

Banded kingfisher

Driving along the Oswegatchie river, I saw something white. Took out my camera...and oh my goodness...I have never seen one of these! This banded kingfisher was my first ever sighting.

Banded kingfisher

Eagle on Raquette River

Eagle spotted on the Raquette River in Norfolk, NY


Model with bear in background

Taking model shots of my coworker and spotted the bear behind her (look to the right) picture of bear posted by itself as well on profile/encounters 🥰

Bear to the right

Bear in Reynoldston

I was taking model shots of my coworker on the bridge and spotted the bear behind her! Had to quickly change my settings! This bear just strutted across the river, not a care about our presence! 

Bear crossing river in Reynoldston

Fishing on the St Lawrence River

This was such a beautiful site . Watching the sun go down as we were fishing on the St Lawrence River 

Sitting watching the sun go down as we were fishing on the St Lawrence River

Sunset Silhouette

Couple watching a beautiful sunset at Barnhart Marina

Sunset at Barnhart Marina

Mink with crayfish

After hearing mink running around chirping along the rocky shore I followed them from farther away and sat there watching them. After a little bit I ran back in and got my camera and when I came back there were only 2 left. One was sleeping on a rock and then there was this little guy who came back with a huge crayfish! 

Mink along rocky shoreline with crayfish in mouth

Gazing at the Sky

This was taken during a camping trip to Meacham Lake this past year.  

Gazing at the Sky

Beautiful Sunset Over Rollway Bay

Turtle stroll

Just spotted this fella out for an afternoon stroll

Turtle mostly black with a little red striping visible on leg

Big guy!

Not much to say except for this fella was big and he was NOT bothered by us

A good sized frog

A sweat bee with some mites

This sweat bee seemed to have some sort of mites bothering it, not sure if it’s the same mite that infests honeybee hives (Varroa destructor) or something similar or even completely different. 

Bright green bee with little red mites on abdomen

Giant water bug with eggs!

Super cool find at Conservation Field Day at Indian Creek Nature Center - a male giant water bug with eggs on its back!! Giant water bugs reverse parental roles and the males carry the eggs on their back until they hatch. These cool insects also have a sinister nickname: toe-biter!

Giant water bug with eggs on back!

The slugs are feasting!

Love finding large, cool fungi but love even more seeing how all the other forest critters use them! Breakfast is served for these slugs!

Slugs feasting on a mushroom

Sunset wishes

Wishes at sunset

Edwards Nature Trail

The Edwards Nature Trail is such a hidden gem! It’s so cool to be able to walk along the old train trestle, and the trail itself is very accessible and easy to find. And of course crossing the Oswegatchie River is lovely!

Old train trestle on a cloudy day

Lilac flower in bloom

I was walking around with my camera and every time I would go outside, I would always get a big whiff of the lilac bushes! Finally I grabbed my macro camera lens and took some photos of the flowers!

Lilac flowers blooming

Red Trillium

Saw a ton of these beautiful red trilliums on Cranberry Lake! A lovely way to start the morning after sleeping in the lean-to. 

Red trilliums in the woods!

Round Lake hike

A nice hike into Round Lake (Sabattis NY). for details- https://hikingthetrailtoyesterday.wordpress.com/2022/05/09/round-lake-h…

Round Lake Trail Round Lake Trail Round Lake Trail

Baker's Finest View

This was taken atop Baker Mountain.  

Baker's Finest View

Atop Baker Mountain

It was an amazing early spring experience. 

Atop Baker Mountain

Answering the call

Enjoyed watching this shy male fish until we heard his mate calling from down the lake and off he took!

Mergansar male taking off after hearing a call down the lake...

Beautiful Sunlight on Kip!

Beautiful, dappled sunlight captured on a cool, April evening on the Kip trail at St. Lawrence University. 

Photo of the forest along the Kip trail More Trees

Racoon Encounter

I was humbled that she allowed her picture taken without judgement.

Racoon encounter in my front yard.

Signs of Spring!

The signs of spring are popping out - honeysuckle, trout lilly, and trillium! I love them all and am excited to see the white/orange, yellow, and red blossoms once they bloom! Even if the honeysuckle is non-native :(

Honeysuckle in spring time A few trout Lilly! Trillium that hasn’t quite yet bloomed very green

Spring in the woods


Blue cohosh in flower Wild leeks Early spring beauty Wet dog

Eagles take osprey nest.

Just happened along the eagles sitting in the osprey nest before the ospreys returned. Always awesome to see eagles up close.

Eagles take an osprey nest.

First garter snakes of the year

Saw the first garter snakes of the year this morning by our beaver pond. 

a yellow and black garter snake sticking it's head up in a bunch of brown dead leaves

Wood Frogs and Chorus Frogs have started

Wood frogs are loud and proud in the vernal pools, even though they're still half covered in ice. Wood frogs started calling two days ago, chorus frogs started with their creaky door trill this morning. 


No peepers yet! 

wood frog floating rear legs out in a murky pond by a dead leaf


Woodpecker watching Cardinal 

Cardinal and Woodpecker

First salamander of the new year

Doing spring clean up in the yard at the Nicandri Nature Center and found our first salamander of the year. Not sure if it is Jefferson or Jefferson/blue spotted hybrid (which we believe we have in the park). Dark slate with barely visible blue. Was cold and we moved him to safe leaf litter from the sidewalk. 

dark color salamander on white cement sidewalk

Skunk cabbage is up!

The area around the beaver pond has several spots where skunk cabbage is emerging. Lots of tracks where critters have nibbled it or passed by. 

green plant with reddish outer leaves just barely emerging from mud

nature walk

trees trees and sun tree view find the bird

Nature Walk on Cross country @SLU

On a nature walk this afternoon outside of St. Lawrence University. Today was a warmer day than usual resulting in the snow melting and being able to see the ground again! 

nice day outside Robin posing for a picture Beautiful blue sky with trees Cool photo of river

Walking on the Kip Trail

Black-capped chickadee on branch

St. Regis Winter Hike!

Had the best time hiking up St. Regis! A sunny day, broke out my snowshoes, it was quite chilly. Not too challenging of a hike except for one short, steep bit. Definitely recommend, especially on a winter day like this one!

Fire tower at snowy st. Regis summit! Sun shining through snow covered trees! Beautiful view of the Winter ADK’s from St. Regis summit Credence a stuffed giraffe with the beautiful scenery

Peavine Swamp Lean-to, Wanakena

A great day snowshoeing on the Peavine Swamp Trail. 

To read more about it- https://hikingthetrailtoyesterday.wordpress.com/2022/02/06/peavine-swam…

The lean-to Looking out over the Oswegatchie On the trail To the lean-to Old school showshoes were perfect

Raquette River

View across the Raquette River in wintertime. Trees are covered with snow and a fog is coming off the surface of the water.

Chilly Hike Up Baker Mountain!

Had a lovely but bitterly cold day (although the shining sun helped) hiking Baker Mountain, one of the Saranac Sixers. Very nice hike, close to Saranac lake with lovely views. 

Snowy mountain overlooking the Adirondacks Snow covered glowing trees

Snowy Walk on the Kip

A chilly, snowy walk on the Kip Trail looking for birds. Not much to be seen there but still a lovely golden hour adventure. 

Snow covered wooden outlook Golden hour glow on some eastern white pines

Mt Van Hoevenberg- South Meadow Trail (Lake Placid)

It was an uncharacteristically pleasant day for the middle of December in the High Peaks. Virtually no snow, but there was plenty of ice- we used microspike the entire way up and down. This is the older trail that sees much less traffic than the new trail leading from the Olympic complex on the other side of the mountain. Round trip mileage was just under 5 miles with 925' of elevation gain. The day was quite hazy, so the views of the MacIntyre Range were not as spectacular as usual. Still, it's a fairly easy hike (for being in the High Peaks) with some nice views.

Test Encounter

This is a test.

Test Encounter


Test Encounter


Trumpeter Swans on the Grasse River

In driving down Route 68 toward Canton, I spotted a good number of Trumpeter Swans on the Grasse River.  I pulled over in a safe space and was able to count 15 of them! I captured this photo showing two adults and three immature swans (the ones with the grayish necks and heads). So named for their trumpet-like calls, the Trumpeter Swan is the largest waterfowl native to North America, getting to be six feet in length and with wingspans of 8.5 feet!

Five Trumpeter Swans on the Grasse River

Black & Long Ponds- Paul Smiths

A nice easy trek along two Adirondack Ponds- Black and Long. The trails are part of the Pauls Smiths VIC. Three lean-tos along the way are nice to stop and take a few pictures. Total mileage was about 3.4 miles RT.

The Night Owl

A nighttime stroll on the St. Lawrence XC Trails with the SLU Powerhouse searching for cryptids like Bigfoot or Mothman ended with us spotting an owl!! Most likely a barred owl, we watched it for a while before it eventually took off. Although the picture is a little blurry, I was surprised to even be able to make out the owl since it was dark except for the moon behind the clouds. So exciting!

Fresh Snow

Awakening to a fresh coat of snow here in Indian Lake.

Baldface Mt- Duane NY

Baldface is a short but steep (gains over 1000' in a mile) mountain that is a real gem. The trailhead is virtually unmarked, and there is nothing but a few old ribbons on the trail. It is old school -straight up the mountain, no switchbacks. It had rained the day before and the leaves were very slippery. The steepness got our attention, but the views were awesome from the mountain's bald summit. Debar Mt. is west of the summit and Debar Pond between the two. There is a second lookout that has views south towards Loon Lake Mountain.


Bundle of blue berries on a branch

High Rock Paddle -Star Lake

I spent Columbus Day with a solo kayak trip up the Oswegatchie River (Fine NY) to High Rock. The leaves are well past peak, and the water was REALLY low. I didn't have to carry over anything, but I ran aground several times. The temperature was great considering it's October

A Colorful Mount Arab Hike

Although a cloudy day, the leaves on the trees were absolutely beautiful! Captures the true image of the Fall season in the North Country.

Clarksboro Trail- Clare NY

The Clarksboro Trail- Claire NY
I have been trying to get to the Clarksboro Trail since early summer. I had someone ask about the trail, and I’d never heard of it. After a little research, I found that it is a fairly new trail on the 51,950-acre Grasse River Easement Tract. The trailhead is on the north side of the Tooley Pond Road, 2.6-miles from Rt 27 in DeGrasse. The trailhead is marked and starts at gate #1 on an old logging road.

Stone Valley hike!

Hiked the beautiful Stone Valley with some families for SLU parent weekend! Perfect weather and some lovely views. Will definitely be going back!

Sunsets over the Sustainability Farm

Beautiful sunsets beautiful place 

Part of a rainbow in a pink sky in a field, with a tree in the foreground Sunset in a field with a yellow full moon

Grasse River Paddle

A gorgeous afternoon for a kayak on the Grasse, thanks to SLU’s canoe shack! The first signs of fall are starting to show in the yellowing of leaves. Spotted a few turtles sunning themselves, lots of frogs hanging out on the algae, a few remaining flowers. Followed two belted kingfishers up the river for a while, but they just wouldn’t pose for a good photo. A beautiful day!

Paddle on the Little River

Took a lovely afternoon paddle on the little river. Light breeze, few bugs, starting to see some fall color.

Chicken of the woods!

Found this neat fungi by the Grasse River right off of Miner St. I identified with the help of iNaturalist and really enjoyed the name chicken-of-the-woods, named not for appearance but taste! Who knew!

Sawmill Bay Sunset

Chaumont Bay sunset

Robber Flies

Robber Fly

Sunset on Lake Ontario

I went camping in Sackets Harbor on Lake Ontario in 2021 over Memorial Day Weekend. It was a beautiful trip, one of the last my family ever took in our RV. Here is a picture I took of the sunset on one of the nights we were there.

Picture of sunset through the trees on Lake Ontario

Toad in Hole